How PACE Helps

PACE (Professional Association of Campus Employees) is here for all full-time and part-time staff (excluding student employees, faculty, and executives).  Our mission is all about helping our members have a better working environment and atmosphere.  PACE’s objectives are:

  • Advocate for staff by representing and advancing their interests and recognizing the value of their contributions.
  • Unify the diverse groups of staff across campus toward common goals in alignment with the university mission.
  • Communicate with administration and staff by providing a forum for the exchange of information.
  • Involve staff by encouraging social, service, and professional engagement on campus and in the community.

PACE helps its members by providing a unified voice to the administration in all areas that involve PACE members. Examples of such areas include compensation, benefits, leave, working conditions, hiring procedures, Summer University, staff grievances, performance evaluations, UVU policies and procedures, etc. PACE also sponsors programs and activities to promote employee recognition, professional development, and social interaction.

More about PACE

President Tuminez at the 2018 Staff Fall Forum

Get Involved

PACE eventsHow Can I Get Involved?

PACE is always looking for energetic individuals to help shape the direction of PACE. An individual can be involved in many different ways.

  • Participate in PACE nominations and elections in May / June.
  • Four main PACE events are held each year. Attending these events is a fun way to get out of the office and socialize with other UVU employees, get updates on PACE, and hear from President Tuminez.
    • Staff Fall Forum (August)
    • Holiday Social (December)
    • Ice Cream Social (May, following Summer University concluding remarks)
    • Annual General Board Meeting (June)
  • Summer University offers a chance for staff to engage in personal and/or professional development, networking, family activities, workshops, and service projects.
  • Like something? Don’t like something? Have a suggestion or two? Provide feedback here.
  • Nominate colleagues for Wolverine Sighting Awards.
  • Talk to your Senators.
  • Attend general board meetings.

The best way to have your voice heard is to run for office and serve:

  • Committees of PACE are groups positioned to move issues forward. The committees (a total of ten) include Benefits, Communications, Bylaws, Employee Recognition, and Involvement, just to name a few. (Committees may be seeking additional members; if interested in joining a committee, please contact the committee chair.)
  • Senators are elected every year to represent areas of campus. These senators represent Academic Affairs, Finance and Administration, Planning and Budget, Development and Alumni, Student Affairs, and University Relations.
  • Ad-Hoc Task Forces are formed to deal with specific issues short term when specific focus is needed, such as our current Mission/Objective Task Force to look at our overall mission and objectives of PACE.


Wolverine Sighting

Wolverine Sighting

Catch a UVU staff member offering exceptional service or demonstrating exemplary performance and nominate them for the monthly Wolverine Sighting Employee Recognition Award.

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Distinguished employee award

Distinguished Employee Award

Both full-time and part-time employees of Utah Valley University are recognized for exceptional performance through the yearly PACE Distinguished Employee Award program.

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PACE scholarship

PACE Scholarship

The PACE Scholarship is a $500 one time award available to juniors (60 credits) in a bachelor degree-seeking program with a 3.0 GPA. Make a difference in the academic success of a student by nominating them.  

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Wolverine Club

Wolverine Club

The PACE Wolverine Club is a way to show your school spirit by contributing to the PACE Student Scholarship and receive some benefits in return, including event invitations, team swag, and more.

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Goodwill association

Goodwill Association

The Goodwill Association is funded by staff and faculty donations with the primary purpose of enhancing employee relations by maintaining a caring atmosphere at Utah Valley University.

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