Mission Statement

Our mission is to create and support seamless, accessible, and high-quality educational pathways that align with the workforce needs in the Mountainland Region and for the state of Utah.

About Educational Pathways

Educational pathways are a crucial component of a modern education system. They provide clear direction, improve efficiency, align education with career goals, and have wide-ranging benefits for students, institutions, industry, and society. As the demands of the 21st-century workforce continue to evolve, the development and implementation of effective educational pathways are essential to ensure that individuals are prepared for success in their chosen fields. Additionally, educational pathways develop talent pipelines, ensuring Utah’s workforce demands are met.

-Utah State Pathways Project and Talentready Utah

About Us

Regional Pathways is one of four divisions housed in the Workforce Alignment department at Utah Valley University. The Regional Pathways division is a key component in supporting workforce alignment across the Mountainland Region in that it connects CTE, Articulations, Workforce Development, as well as state and regional vision for a seamless and easily traversed educational path for students.

UVU campus

UVU champions a university experience that empowers students to realize their educational, professional, and personal aspirations, whether this is the completion of a post-secondary credential or preparation for graduate or professional school.

-From UVU's Vision 2030

Pathways Defined

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As reflected in UVU’s Completion Plan 3.0, we are reducing barriers to completion in our curricula, administrative processes, and student services while improving academic quality and rigor. (UVU Vision 2030).

These initiatives are instrumental in providing educational pathways for students that not only breakdown barriers but also strengthen the future of education to provide a workforce that is ready for the future.

UVU’s Vision 2030 goals provide strong support for educational pathways and include focus on pathway critical elements such as:

  • Redesign Curricula with a Focus on Stackable Credentials and Pathways
  • Strengthen Concurrent Enrollment Course Alignment, Offerings, and Participation
  • Expand Meaningful Transfer-Credit Articulation for Students Entering and Exiting UVU
  • Increase Stackable Pathways from MTECH
  • Increase Credits Students Receive for Prior Learning (CPL)
  • Align Curricula with Regional Workforce Needs and Readiness for High-Yield, High-Demand Jobs
  • Improve the Transition From K-12 to Higher Education
  • Enhance Engagement with Community Leaders and Employers for Student Support and Sponsorships
  • Strengthen and Expand UVU’s Partnerships with Organizations and Community Resource