What Are Career Pathways?

Career Pathways provide stackable credentials to both high school and university students by helping them transition efficiently into a high-demand career.

Portrait of UVU President Astrid S Tuminez

These new pathways will allow greater numbers of students to graduate in a timely and efficient manner. Together, MTECH and UVU are helping prepare students to lead productive and dignified lives. What a wonderful mission for both our institutions.”

Dr. Astrid S. Tuminez
President of Utah Valley University

Start your pathway through Concurrent Enrollment to earn college credit while in High School.

Discover Your Pathway

UVU makes it easier to increase earning potential through Career Pathways that can build from one, to two and four year degrees.

Explore Stackable Degrees

Financial Aid to help you complete your college degree through a Career and Technical Education Pathway.

Fund Your Pathway

Completed a program at a technical college? See if it will transfer into a program here at UVU!

Choose Your Course

Career & Technical Education

UVU's dual mission combines high-demand technical skills with rigorous academia. CTE provides those opportunities through a vast number of certificates, degrees, and other credentials that help qualify students for their chosen profession.

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