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UVU PBA Guidelines 2015-2016


UVU’s Planning, Budget, and Assessment (PBA) process facilitates the alignment and prioritization of initiatives throughout the university in support of UVU’s mission, Core Themes, and Administrative Imperatives. The institution, as well as its various divisions, follows a planning model in which objectives are defined and progress is assessed through self-evaluations and SWOT analyses of the operating environment. Based on assessment, strategic initiatives are developed and prioritized in support of four-year strategic plans and annually identified University-wide areas of focus. The PBA conversations provide a public forum to promote collaboration, alignment, integration, and transparency in discussing initiatives, priorities, and the allocation of resources.

2015-16 Area of Focus

During Spring 2015, the University Planning Advisory Committee conducted a bi-annual self-evaluation of UVU’s mission fulfillment. This self-evaluation was reviewed by President’s Council and accepted by UVU’s Board of Trustees. Based on this assessment and discussions in President’s Executive Leadership Council and other divisional meetings and in light of other recent progress, the following have been identified as university-wide areas of focus for continuous improvement efforts and resource allocations during 2015-16. Resource requests that directly support the areas of focus, especially if tied to the division’s four-year strategic plan, are not the only requests that will be funded; but such requests will receive priority funding consideration.

2015-16 Areas of Focus

1. Improve Student Retention and Completion

1.1. Innovative academic programming including 

  • 3-year baccalaureate degree completion 
  • Summer school maximization 
  • Career pathways 
  • High impact practices/engaged learning

1.2. Advising services

1.3. Onboarding-through-graduation student support programs/services

1.4. General education/math

2. Provide access and opportunity for a broad range of students in meeting regional educational needs

2.1. New programs including master’s degrees

2.2. Expansion of existing, industry-critical programs

2.3. Innovative pedagogy including 

  • Large sections 
  • Online/hybrid course & program expansion

2.4. Adaptation/expansion to meet student demand/enrollment growth

2.5. Access and flexibility particularly to support first-generation and underrepresented students

3. Operate effectively and efficiently

3.1. Strengthen culture of compliance/reduce risk

3.2. Implement innovative professional practices and technology


Each Vice President has been allocated time and assigned a day/time for his/her PBA Conversation. Presentations are to include a brief overview of the College/School or Division mission and objectives from their four-year strategic plan. Leaders are encouraged to present only the highest priority strategies and PBA requests with particular attention to those that align with 2015-16 Areas of Focus. Please note: There is no expectation that all submitted PBA Resource Requests be presented during the conversations. All submitted PBA Resource Requests, even those not presented during the PBA conversations, will be considered for possible funding. Vice Presidents must submit a PowerPoint or pdf file of presentation material to the Budget Office by the end of the day of their PBA Conversation for posting to the web.

Budget Requests

Requests for new resources and/or new salaried positions should be submitted through the PBA process regardless of funding source (with the exception of sponsored programs/grants).