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  • Schedule of 2014 Institutional PBA Conversations

UVU PBA Guidelines 2014-2015


PBA helps to align and prioritize initiatives throughout the campus in support of UVU's mission, Core Themes, and Administrative Imperatives. The institution, as well as its various units, follows a planning model in which long-term objectives are defined and progress is assessed. Action goals (initiatives) are developed and prioritized based on an assessment of the objectives, with consideration given to external factors and future desires. The conversations provide a public forum to promote collaboration, integration, and transparency in discussing initiatives, priorities, and the assignment of resources.

Purpose of Focused PBA Conversations

PBA helps to align and prioritize initiatives throughout the campus in support of UVU’s mission, Core Themes, and Administrative Imperatives. The Focused PBA Conversations (as opposed to our Annual PBA Conversations) are specifically focused on the allocation of Acute Equity funds.  The September Focused PBA Conversations are to primarily address resource requests which are particularly time sensitive (such as faculty hiring cycle).

Strategic Vision

All units are asked this year to envision what their unit should look like in four years, the 75th anniversary of UVU's founding. Think of ourselves as an ideal, mature, serious university and consider questions such as:

  • What services would be provided by the unit and to what level?
  • What could be accomplished?
  • What would success look like?


The presentations this year will have three parts: (1) The strategic vision for the division/unit. (2) Objectives of the division/unit (these are long-term, enduring objectives similar in nature to the UVU core theme objectives). (3) The highest priority goals (initiatives) for the next few years that would further the strategic vision and objectives, noting whether funding is currently available or not. [Please note that there is not an emphasis, as in the past, on describing accomplishments of the previous year.] To make it more conversational, the audience should be encouraged to ask questions and make comments during the presentation. Allow time for audience discussion during and after the presentation.

Budget Requests

For initiatives needing resources, the provided budget request template must be filled out and submitted to the Budget Office as soon as possible after the conversation. Leaders may submit updated templates should initiatives change and/or new opportunities arise. New opportunities may come out of collaboration with others' initiatives.