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The study of philosophy, one of the oldest and most rigorous disciplines, provides students with critical thinking, writing, and arguing skills. Philosophy speaks to passionate questioners and thinkers who are who are looking for a major that provides excellent preparation to succeed in a wide variety of careers in today’s competitive working environments. UVU Philosophy offers an array of courses from diverse areas of philosophy taught by enthusiastic and dedicated faculty who are devoted to student flourishing.

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Philosophy, B.A.

Philosophy, B.S.

Philosophy, A.A.

Philosophy, A.S.

Philosophy, Minor


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The discipline of humanities is the study of human intellectual and artistic creativity and what the resulting artistic forms reveal about the human experience. This field of study draws on other disciplines such as history, fine arts, literature, intellectual history, music, foreign languages, theology, and philosophy to see how the several artistic forms communicate and work together to give an in-depth record of the meaning of human life in the past and present. The discipline also emphasizes the relationship between the arts, culture, and society. A background in humanities is helpful in preparing for employment in education, business, government, civil and foreign service, tourism, and in preparation for graduate studies.

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Humanities, B.A.

Humanities, A.A.

Humanities, A.S.

Humanities, Minor

Ethics Minor

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The interdisciplinary Minor in Ethics integrates courses, activities, community service, research, and real-world experience to give students a valuable qualification that incorporates theoretical and applied ethics. This course of study provides the student with an opportunity to critically examine concepts of right and wrong or good and bad and the place of ethical thinking in the professions. Available to students who have enrolled in a major course of study at UVU, the Minor in Ethics requires one foundation course, Moral Philosophy (PHIL 355G) and is highly customizable with 15 credits of approved elective courses from Philosophy and other disciplines.

Ethics, Minor

Ethics Certificate

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The Certificate in Ethics is similar to the Minor in Ethics, but is available to students who are not matriculated into another degree program at UVU, as well as those who are. This course of study requires one foundation course, Moral Philosophy (PHIL 355G), and 12 credits of approved elective courses from Philosophy and other disciplines.

Ethics, Certificate

Gender Studies

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The Gender Studies minor takes students on deep dive to explore how gender and gender relations are socially influenced. They will study how ideas of gender directly impact social and political institutions and practices, culture, art, communication, law, education, business, scientific inquiry, interpersonal relations, sexuality, and family. This interdisciplinary minor helps students recognize gender dynamics in their own lives, and it broadens their understanding of their chosen major.

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Gender Studies, Minor

Environmental Studies Minor

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Environmental Studies explores the complex links between human culture and the natural world. The program challenges students to critically examine both the ecological and social context of environmental issues and the numerous connections between natural and social systems, from local to global scales. It is undeniable that humans have a profound impact on the environment. To have the greatest positive influence, we must seek knowledge of the structure and function of natural systems, as well as an understanding of how culture affects the way we perceive nature.

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Environmental Studies, Minor

Classical Studies

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The Classical Studies minor focuses on the language, philosophy, art, and culture of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Students also have the chance to see how ancient Roman and Greek philosophy and culture influenced European thought and literature. This minor helps prepare students for any career informed by an understanding of ancient cultures such as art history, law, or museum studies

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Classical Studies, Minor

Religious Studies

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The Religious Studies minor offers students an interdisciplinary approach to the academic study of religion. Given its influential role in human life, the phenomenon of religion invites careful study from a multiple fields including  history, anthropology, theology, literature, and more. Students will gain a deepened understanding of various religious beliefs and practices in a spirit of open inquiry, and engage in dialogues from a variety of perspectives and methodologies.

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Religious Studies, Minor