Mission Statement

Finance and Auxiliary Services supports UVU in strategically stewarding resources to uphold the university’s commitment to quality, affordability, and efficiency and by delivering internal and auxiliary services to enhance its capacity to educate every student for success.

Strategic Objectives

Financial Sustainability: Manage the financial resources of the university to ensure its ongoing viability.

Affordability: Manage the financial resources of the university to maintain its commitment to affordability for students and the State of Utah.

Mission Fulfillment: Plan for, evaluate, and document the ability of the university and its operating units to support continuous improvement in institutional effectiveness and student success.

Services: Centrally provide internal and auxiliary services that are efficient, add value, and safeguard the resources of the university.

Equity: Fulfill mission and objectives equitably, reflecting the university’s commitment to exceptional care.

Leadership Team

Directory photo of Jim Mortensen

Jim Mortensen

Vice President
Finance & Auxiliary Services

Directory photo of Kedric Black

Ked Black

Interim Associate Vice President

Directory photo of Stacy Fowler

Stacy Fowler

Executive Assistant
Finance & Auxiliary Services

Image of Peter VanderHeide

Peter VanderHeide

internal audit 

Directory Photo of Scott Wood

Scott Wood

Senior Director
Budget Office

Directory Photo of R.J. Willing

R.J. Willing

Interim  Dean
Continuing Education

Directory Photo of Shawn Neider

Shawn Neider

Financial Planning & Analysis

Image of Peter VanderHeide

Henry Freeman

Presidential Intern