How do students get access to Pluralsight?

Students sign-in directly at using single-sign-on with their MyUVU credentials. See for instructions.

How do I organize students into my course?

Training for Faculty (aka Team Managers) will be provided to ensure your students are properly included in your Pluralsight Team(s). With the increase in the number of courses using Pluralsight, handling things in the proper way is critical to ensure all students have access to all their courses. If you haven't been trained as a Team Manager, please reach out to your area Administrator.

How do I know if my student has an account?

To search for a student by UV ID or by name, Faculty (Team Managers) use the People tab in the Leader Tools menu bar on the left side of the screen in Pluralsight.

Who can help me?

  1. Students who have questions should review the material on the Pluralsight website. Faculty members should provide student support for their assigned materials in Pluralsight. Students may also contact the UVU Service Desk for anything not specifically UVU course related.
  2. Faculty members or other Pluralsight Team Managers who have questions or need technical support should contact their area's Pluralsight Administrator.
  3. Pluralsight Administrators who have questions or need technical support should contact the Pluralsight Product Owner.
  4. The Pluralsight Product Owner will contact Pluralsight's corporate support in case there are any issues UVU's own staff are unable to resolve.

What if my students do not accept the Pluralsight license and the invitation expires?

Students should use SSO to simply sign-in and create an account. Invitations are not required.

What types of assignments are good for Pluralsight?

Departments and individual faculty can determine how Pluralsight content best aligns with learning outcomes and assessing competency. Pluralsight content is designed to help students learn new concepts or supplement concepts. Teachers can assess learning through pre and post-assessments, writing assignments that include reflection on learning, quizzes, or discussions. Many types of assignments can be created to fit with the Pluralsight content.

Why might I want to use Pluralsight in my course?

A department or individual faculty may want to use Pluralsight content because it is designed by professionals for professionals. The content prepares graduates for the workforce and exposes them to new understandings often not found in textbooks. The content is already created and saves time in course content creation.

Can students use their own email or should they only use their UVID email?

The UVU Pluralsight SSO system automatically provisions all UVU accounts using the UV ID email address. Learners are also able to add additional email accounts to their profile if they wish to do so.