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Monday-Friday: 8am to 5pm

Please note,  we are an appointment based office.  If you have an immediate need, please call or email our office for assistance.

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The Pre-Professional Advisement Center (PPAC) at Utah Valley University employs caring and competent counselors who provide academic guidance, peripheral support services, and career counseling to students seeking admission into professional health and law programs. The PPAC strives to provide welcoming, inclusive, and engaged services for students and community members in pursuit of their professional goals.

 We Provide the Following Services:

  • Class Schedule Planning
  • Application Preparation
  • Personal Statement Review
  • Letter of Recommendation Submission
  • Interview Workshops
  • Direction and Resources Pertaining to Extracurricular Activities
  • Post-Baccalaureate Counseling

 Student Responsibilities
  Students are expected to:

  • Develop an educational plan and establish career goals, with the
    guidance of your advisor.

  • Meet regularly with your advisor. Plan ahead by visiting with them
    early in the semester and not waiting until the last minute before

  • Come to appointments prepared with questions and/or topics to
    discuss and participate fully in the advising experience.

  • Understand how to navigate the course registration site and enroll in
    the courses in your academic plan.

  • Know the general education and program requirements for your major.

  • Check MyUVU often for email messages from the university.

  • Become knowledgeable of campus and online resources, and follow
    through when referred to appropriate campus resources.

  • Graduate in a timely manner based on your academic plan. Accept
    responsibility for your decisions and your actions that affect your
    educational progress and goals.

 Advisor Responsibilities

  Students can expect UVU Advisors to:

  • Provide a safe space in which to share your thoughts, aspirations
    concerns, and interests; maintain confidentiality with all information
    shared; and treat you with respect as an adult.

  • Actively listen to your questions and concerns and provide
    information and support as needed.

  • Provide guidance and encouragement as you develop a clear and
    realistic educational plan, and assist you in making course and major

  • Understand and effectively communicate degree and graduation
    requirements, policies, and procedures.

  • Demonstrate how to use Banner online services and navigate the
    course registration site.

  • Provide information about UVU resources available to you and refer
    you to applicable campus services, organizations, and/or individuals as

  • Protect and secure the integrity of the UVU degree by complying with
    all college and departmental policies and requirements.