Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable performs general payment and accounting tasks, including reviewing and processing invoices, check requests, independent contractor payments, and maintaining vendor files and records.

Forms for Accounts Payable payments and transactions are all digital and can be found in the Wolverine Marketplace system, unless otherwise indicated below.

Vendor Setup

  • Accounts Payable sets up vendors for Check Requests, Independent Contractors, and Mileage Reimbursements.
  • To request a new vendor setup, departments should submit the AP Vendor Setup Request Form in Wolverine Marketplace. Departments should follow the instructions on the form.
  • A legible, completed W-9 form is required for cash awards and independent contractors and will need to be attached to the AP Vendor Setup Request Form. In lieu of a W-9 for independent contractors, a completed Simple Independent Contractor contract may be provided as this contract is an approved W-9 subsitute.
  • Departments will receive a notification from Wolverine Marketplace when the vendor has been setup.

Check Requests

  • The Check Request Form can be found in Wolverine Marketplace. Departments should follow the instructions on the form.
  • The individual or organization being paid will need to be setup in Wolverine Marketplace before the Check Request Form can be submitted. Please see more about Vendor Setup above.
  • Check Requests are intended to generate payments to individuals or organizations for transactions not involving the purchase of goods or services, such as:
    • Personal Reimbursements ($150 or less)
      • All reimbursements must have a readable, itemized receipt attached and a business purpose in the description.
      • Reimbursements over $150 are considered purchasing violations and should be submitted as such.
    • Department Refunds
      • These are for departments that collected funds through a cash fund or Accounts Receivable that need to refund a specific payment. If a student paid for the item using a fee card then the refund needs to be generated from the Bursar’s office.  
    • Cash Awards (non-employees)
      • For cash awards to students involved in UVU competitions, information about the award and the selection criteria of the student must be included in the description. A completed, signed, and legible Receipt of Compensation form must also be attached.
      • Cash awards cannot be given to part-time or full-time employees. Student employees may receive a cash award as part of a UVU competition as described above.
    • DFCM/Bond Payments, Scholarship Payments, Foundation Investments, Grant Payments, and Remit Collected Funds
      • These types of check requests are limited to departments and individuals who have special payment needs and have worked with Finance or Procurement to set these up. 
  • If a department has a question about which type of Check Request to use, please contact Procurement at ext. 8301.

Independent Contractor Payments under $600

  • An independent contractor is an individual that provides personal services to the University in such a manner as to be free from University control over performance. Typically, the independent contractor has a principal place of business other than the University, has a business license, and offers services to the general public.
  • Departments should ensure they are complying with Policy 210 Independent Contractors before engaging an independent contractor for services. Departments must have a contract in place before engaging any independent contractor. Please see the Independent Contractors page for more details.
  • An independent contractor being paid less than $600 for their services will need to be setup as a vendor in Wolverine Marketplace before the Indepedendent Contractor Payment Form can be submitted. Please see more about Vendor Setup above.
  • The Independent Contractor Payment Form can be found in Wolverine Marketplace. Departments should follow the instructions on the form. A completed Small Independent Contractor agreement must be attached. The Independent Contractor Payment Form should be submitted after the independent contractor has performed the services described in the agreement in order to facilitate payment.
  • Hiring an independent contractor for services totaling more than $600 must be done via the normal requisition process and cannot be done after the services have been rendered. All existing procurement and contract rules apply to these requisitions.


  • If a department receives an invoice for goods or services ordered via purchase order, please promptly send the invoice to or intercampus mail it to MS109AP. Invoices should not be held by departments or attached to requisitions. Invoices attached to requisitions are not sent to Accounts Payable for processing. Failure to forward invoices to Accounts Payable may result in late fees or interest charges.
  • To check on the payment status of an invoice, departments can use Wolverine Marketplace to look up the originating purchase order and corresponding invoices.
  • Accounts Payable's mailing address is:
    • Utah Valley University Accounts Payable
      800 W University Pkwy
      Orem, UT 84058
  • For any other questions regarding invoices, please contact Accounts Payable at or call the applicable A/P technician.


  • Checks are generally printed and disbursed once every business day by Finance & Business Services
  • As an exception, checks can be held for pickup by a department. To request a held check, please notify Accounts Payable. Finance & Business Services will notify the department when the held check is ready to be picked up at BA109.
  • If a vendor contacts a department about not receiving a check or payment, please have the vendor contact Accounts Payable for assistance.

Accounts Payable Staff

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