The Contracts Office is responsible for reviewing, negotiating, and finalizing all University contracts and agreements. The Contracts team works with the Office of General Counsel and other University departments to ensure contracts are written and negotiated in the best interest of the University.

Contract Review

Any contractual agreement binding the University, regardless of dollar amount, must be reviewed and approved by the Contract Officer prior to execution by University personnel. Any amendment or revision to an existing contractual agreement must also be reviewed and approved in writing by the Contract Officer.

In addition, while a contract may appear not to bind the University to financial obligations (e.g., no cost agreements), there may be other obligations or liabilities present in the agreement (e.g., indemnification, insurance obligations, or uncapped liability). All agreements that bind the University must be reviewed by the Contract Officer.

See below for how to submit a contract for review for the following types of transactions or engagements:

Requisitions/Purchase Orders

  • When a vendor proposes a contract for a potential purchase, the contract should be attached to the requisition along with any other documentation that is pertinent to the potential purchase.
  • Departments should also provide contact information for the individual at the vendor who will be the Contracts Office's contact to work with to negotiate and finalize the contract.

No Cost Contract Review

  • A No Cost Contract is an agreement where the University has no obligation to pay any cost, fees, or payments. Some examples of No Cost Contracts are:
    • Software offered to the University for no cost but where the vendor still requires the University to sign a license agreement.
    • Memorandums of Understanding with other universities, insititutions, or partners.
    • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Departments can submit a No Cost Contract for review by submitting a No Cost Contract Review request form in Wolverine Marketplace.


Signature Authority

The Contracts Office facilitates the signing of all contracts. University policy 247 states that only University Vice Presidents may sign contracts on behalf of the University. President's Council may authorize other individuals to sign specific types of contracts in a limited scope. These additional authorizations are tracked and maintained by the Contracts Office.

Any other University employee, including deans, department chairs, directors, etc., are not authorized to sign contracts on behalf of the University. Contracts signed by those not authorized to do so, or prematurely signing a contract before it has been reviewed by the Contracts Office, puts the University at legal and financial risk. Improperly signed contracts will result in a Purchasing Violation and the improper signatory may be personal responsible for the obligations contained in the contract. 


If you are unclear about the review, approval process, requirements for a particular type of Contract, or signatory authority, please email

Contracts Office Staff

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