The Department of Public Health is where academic excellence meets real-world impact. Our programs equip students with the knowledge and skills to drive positive change in healthcare and community well-being. Students engage in hands-on learning experiences, like our public health students who conducted free health examinations in rural communities, gaining invaluable practical insights.

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Bachelor of Science in
Healthcare Administration

Are you interested in working in a health organization? Become a healthcare administrator!Learn More

Bachelor of Science in
Public Health

Passionate about health and wellness? Become a health educator!Learn More

Bachelor of Science in
School Health Education

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What they're saying...

  • If you're passionate about health but don’t want to go into the clinical side of things, public health is the way to go. We get to help people on a larger scale. We get to help full communities rather than focusing on individual people, so your impact can be really big.

    Image of Abby

    Abby hall

    Public Health Graduate

  • The structure at UVU is designed for student success. It is so student-centered here. As an instructor, my students are the driving force behind what I do. I am here because of them. Student voices have a direct impact on the way we evolve as a department.

    Image of Stephanie

    Prof. Stephanie Lutz

    Lecturer-Public & Community Health

  • A wonderful thing about the Public Health Department specifically at UVU is my professors. I've been able to go to places that I don't think I would have gone if I were at another institution because my professors have cared so much about me individually.  

    Image of Grace

    Grace Miller

    Public Health Graduate

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We welcome diverse students in our program; there is a place for everyone here.

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Where are they now?

A map of the world including countries only above the equator
A professional picture of Russell J Woolley

Russell J. Woolley

Seattle, WA

Health Services Administration

Chief Operating Officer, CHI Franciscan Health, Highline Medical Center, Seattle WA

Advice for current students: Your professional success will depend on your ability to be an effective team leader…learn to communicate effectively, develop and inspire others, set and achieve goals, and build positive relationships.

A professional picture of Jane M. Ostler

Jane M. Ostler

SLC, Utah

Community Health Education

Community Health Educator, Huntsman Cancer Institute

Advice for current students: Education is not something you get, it is something you earn; the more you earn it, the more you learn it!

A professional picture of Alexa Douglas

Alexa Douglas

Weber, UT

School Health Education

7th grade Health Teacher, Rocky Mountain Middle School

Advice for current students: Be all in. We need teachers who are passionate about their job and love students.

A picture of Jamie Slade

Jamie Slade

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Community Health Education

MPH student at Queen’s University

Advice for current students: Be engaged in the program and make connections with your classmates and professors. Seek out opportunities to gain experience, get involved, and make the most of your time at UVU.

A professional picture of Troy Treanor

Troy Treanor

Pittsburgh, PA

Health Services Administration

Director, Women's Cancer and Specialty Services, UPMC

Advice for current students: Take advantage of your student status and do informational interviews.

A picture of Handro Martinez

Handro Martinez

Philadelphia, PA

Community Health Education

4th year Dental Student at Temple University

Advice for current students: Take advantage of every opportunity to build your personal skills and talents even if it means stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Faculty and Staff

Teacher working with student in front of class

Meet the Team

Our faculty members hold exceptional academic credentials and professional qualifications in public health and its related disciplines. They are united in their passion for preparing students to confront the complex challenges presented by local and global current and emerging health issues.