Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after my report is received?

Can I report anonymously?

  • Reports can be submitted through EthicsPoint  anonymously. Reports submitted to EthicsPoint will be forwarded to the proper university officers for review. Persons making reports are not required to provide their names.
  • Keep in mind that anonymous reports can sometimes hinder our ability to address a concern fully or follow up adequately.
  • UVU has strict policies against retaliation toward those who file complaints.

Are reports confidential?

  • Confidentiality is maintained as far as reasonably possible while also ensuring a thorough investigation that is fair to all parties. 
  • Many offices have constraints upon levels of confidentiality. There are departments on campus that hold treatment and therapeutic levels of confidentiality standards that are only relaxed if safety to self or others is not present.

    The following offices have a higher standard of confidentiality:

    • Student Health Services
    • Mental Health Services
    • Medical Services
    • Crisis Services

Can I have a service animal on campus?

  • Employees – Before bringing their service animals to the workplace, university employees must first obtain approval through the accommodation process set forth in UVU Policy 152. For more information, contact Accommodations within Human Resources.
  • Students - Contact the Office of Accessibility Services

Where can I report an injury sustained at work?

What if a complaint is made about a faculty or staff member? What does the fact-finding process entail?

  • There are formal and informal fact-finding methods. Some might be informal questions on non-policy issues, such as sending an email to find out where there may be a miscommunication or misunderstanding between a faculty member and a student on a grading issue. Others might lead to a more formal investigation, such as those outlined in policy-outlined processes (see, for instance, Policy 162). You can find further information on general practices at Participants Fact Finding Guide and you are always welcome to contact the appropriate offices for further clarification.

Where can I apply for a disability accommodation?

Where can I apply for a pregnancy accommodation?

Where can I apply for a religious accommodation?