Roots of Knowledge Events

Past Events



01-25  Erin Riggs - Connecting Plants and People Through the Roots of Knowledge

02-15  Jans Wager - Ellington Plays Ogden: Social Activism, Jazz, and the Movies

02-26  Benj Pasek & Justin Paul - An evening with the winning songwriters of "The Greatest Showman," "La La Land," and "Dear Evan Hansen."

03-08  Courtney Davis - Blazing Arch of Lucid Glass: The Crystal Palace as Roots of Knowledge

03-29  Jim Godfrey - Heavy Metal: Moveable Type from 1450-1800

04-05  Daniel & Donna Fairbanks  - Connections: Music, Art, and Science in Roots of Knowledge

09-27  Ruen-chuan Ma - Reading Stained Glass and Parchment: Reimagining Time and Space in Medieval Literature and Beyond

10-05  Hilary Hungerford - All Roots Need Water

10-23  Ross Hagen - A Question of Time: Music in the Historical Record

11-08  Bob DeWitt - Recreating the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in 3D

11-28  Maritza Sotomayer  -Trade Protectionism in an Era of of Globalization



01-16  Baldomero Lago - Sagrada Família: Over One Hundred Years in the Making

01-30  Frederick White  - Ernest Hemingway in the Soviet Union

02-06  Adrienne Winans - Women's Rights: Celebration, Citizenship, and Race

02-20  Jessi Hill & James Taylor & Kopp Kris  - Did You See That?

03-20  Ashley Finley - If They Come in the Morning: The Writer's Responsibility in the Face of Injustice