Roots of Knowledge engages visitors in a dynamic educational experience. Through guided docent tours, self-guided K-12 tours, faculty lectures, and scavenger hunts, we hope to introduce patrons to new modes of understanding, ignite curiosity, inspire close looking, and foster self-reflection.

Guided Docent Tours

Visitors are welcome to schedule a 60-minute guided tour with a trained docent, during which they will be given a broad overview of Roots of Knowledge as well as detailed information about each of the installation's panels. Docent-guided tours aim to engage visitors in lively conversations about science, literature, philosophy, religion, and world cultures throughout history. Please schedule your tour here.

K-12 Self-Guided School Tours

We are currently developing a robust K-12 school program that includes an interactive guided tour of the installation, storytelling, games, and hands-on, STEAM-based activities.* In the meantime, school groups are invited to Roots of Knowledge to participate in a self-guided tour that consists of a brief introduction to the piece, a wide assortment of themed scavenger hunts that correspond to Utah State Core Standards, and a docent on hand to answer any questions. Please schedule your tour here.
*We are taking small test groups through our new program. If you are a K-6 educator and would like your class to participate in the pilot program, please contact Education Coordinator Krisanne Knudsen at

Speaker Series

Each semester, faculty from departments across UVU's campus are invited to present their research as it pertains to the Roots of Knowledge installation. The Speaker Series highlights the rich educational content within Roots of Knowledge while showcasing UVU faculty from all disciplines as they share their knowledge and passion for learning. You can find more information about our Speaker Series—including our current roster of presenters—on the Events page.

Scavenger Hunt

Roots of Knowledge has a diverse collection of themed scavenger hunt for all ages that encourage visitors to look closely and think deeply about the stories and concepts within the installation. These scavenger hunts are rooted in Utah State Core Standards and available online and in the gallery for use by children, families, and anyone wanting a hands-on experience with the installation. All online scavenger hunts can be found here.

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