Report a Chemical Spill

To report a spill or release to the Environment Management Office call Campus Police at x5555.

Waste Disposal

Only normal classroom and nonhazardous household types of waste should be placed in campus trash cans. All trash cans will be emptied on a regular basis by campus custodial staff.

The following waste is regulated waste and should not be placed in campus trash cans:

  • Chemicals and chemical contaminated waste
  • Biological waste, including items contaminated by blood or body fluids, bacterial, viral, or fungal contaminants
  • Sharps including, knives, needles, sharp pieces of metal and broken glass.
  • Radioactive waste or radioactive sources
  • Mercury containing bulbs and switches
  • Lead acid batteries

Disposal of non-university waste is not allowed. Waste generated off of campus or outside of university related activities may not be brought onto campus for disposal.

Regulated Waste

To request a waste pickup, call Ashley Davis at extension 7965 or via email.

Please provide the following information in your call or email:

  • Type of waste
  • Location of the waste
  • Quantity to be picked up
  • Contact information


Request waste pickup