Scholarly & Creative Undergraduate Learning Partnership Team

What is SCULPT?

SCULPT is a resource for teaching through inquiry-based learning.  Inquiry-based learning is research, scholarship, and creative activity inside and outside the classroom.

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Sources of Funding

There are a number of options available for student funding.

Curriculum Integration

Faculty work together to find best ways to integrate new practices into the curriculum.

Finding Colleagues

See list of co-chairs, advisory board, member lists and committees.

 STUDENTS: Getting Started in Research

Why should I do research?

Participating in a research or creative project allows you to become an active participant in your learning process. Explore a topic you feel passionate about at the same time you learn new skills like critical thinking, problem solving, team work or networking.

Where do I start?

Finding a mentor is key. A mentor is a faculty member who collaborates with you supervising your research or creative project. Mentors offers guidance and they love sharing their experiences with students.

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