SCULPT Current Events

      Spring 2019:   Learning Circle    Mentoring Academy

The abstract submission deadline for the Utah Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters (UASAL) conference  is coming up Feb. 1! 


The following students have been invited to present their work at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research in Georgia this April: Cason Dotson, Xin Yue Chen

What is SCULPT?

SCULPT is a resource for teaching through inquiry-based learning.  Inquiry-based learning is research, scholarship, and creative activity inside and outside the classroom.

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Sources of Student and Faculty  Funding

There are a number of resources available for funding research.

Curriculum Integration

Faculty work together to find best ways to integrate new practices into the curriculum.

Finding Colleagues

See list of co-chairs, advisory board, member lists and committees.

 STUDENTS: Getting Started in Research

Why should I do research?

Participating in a research or creative project allows you to become an active participant in your learning process. Explore a topic you feel passionate about at the same time you learn new skills like critical thinking, problem solving, team work or networking.

Where do I start?

Finding a mentor is key. A mentor is a faculty member who collaborates with you supervising your research or creative project. Mentors offers guidance and they love sharing their experiences with students.

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