This year's conference was held virtually on February 27th, 2021. It is a great opportunity to all students to learn from their peers.

University students have many opportunities for leadership and this conference gives them an opportunity to pass along what they’ve learned and continue developing their leadership skills.

Applications for presenters will open in October 2021. 

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Please direct any questions to uvumentors@uvu.edu

Conference Details

Conference Schedule -- February 27th, 2021

First Session:

  12pm: Welcome

  (TED Talks)

  Madeline Brenchley — UVU Efforts to Address Basic Needs Insecurity and Homelessness: How YOU Can be Involved

  Jaden Burnett — When I am Weak, I am Strong

  Reagan Jensen — The Strength of Authenticity in Serving

  Allyson Craig — Leading Through Adversity

  Angela Lavender — The Comfort of Your Own Skin and Escaping the Comfort Zone

  Alicia Mills — Becoming Bigger than your Problems

  Brynn Thayer — The Struggle is Essential

  Annie Peterson — True Grit: Pushing Through Adversity With A Growth Mindset

  Chandler Joly — Removing the Negative Effects of Social Media

Second Session:

  (Breakout Sessions)

  1a. Samuel Benson — Debunking Personal Myths: How to Eliminate Self-Hate and Accept Yourself

   1b. Ammon Cobabe — The Teenage Warrior: Growing up in a Multicultural Home

  2a. Lauren Nix and Chelsea Gunther — Inside the Mind of an Influential Leader

  2b. Mariah Law — Curating Meaningful Moments

  2:15pm Closing remarks and farewell

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What is the Utah Valley Leadership Conference?

This is a leadership conference facilitated by students, for students. The purpose is to educate and inspire individuals on topics that are beneficial and relevant to students today.

When/where is it?

This conference was last held February 27th, 2021.

Who can present?

Only university students are allowed to present. Speakers will be selected by the Conference committee, after having gone through the application process.

Who can attend?

Anyone is welcome to attend. Our target audience is aimed towards university students who are seeking to learn more about themselves and develop leadership skills.

What qualifications should presenters have?

The only requirement to present is to be a current college student who has developed leadership skills in one form or another. This does not only pertain to academic leadership, but just being a leader in general.

Will food be provided?


Do I need to stay the whole time?


How do I apply?

On the homepage of this website is a link to the application itself. After submitting your initial proposal, additional information will be requested following your consideration.