COVID-19 Modified Operations

The UVU Mentor Program is providing mentoring to students online, through LiveStream, and in some in-person classes they are assigned to mentor. If you would like help from a UVU Mentor, please contact us and we will connect you with a mentor who can help you. Our lounge is currently closed. You can reach out to us by any of the methods listed below.


For more information, visit the Return to Campus website.


A mentor is a support, a friend, and a resource to students on their path to lifelong success.

The UVU Mentors are a group of students dedicated to helping their peers by passing on what they have learned while attending UVU. They dedicate 150 hours of service each semester to making UVU a friendlier, more helpful, and student centered university. They work with students individually and in the classroom. Their motto is: "Students Helping Students".


The strength of the program lies in the experiences that each mentor brings. They are current students and know intimately the challenges that UVU students face. They are trained to help students improve their ability to learn, they lead by example, they advocate for students, they connect students with the resources on campus, and they are a friend to all students. 


If you have questions or worries about anything, the UVU Mentors can help you find answers. Don't know how to use Canvas? Don't know how or when to register? Don't know who your advisor is? Can't find a class? We can help with these questions and many more.