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Education and Outreach

Below is a list of trainings that we provide. These trainings are for students, staff, and faculty. Don't cancel a class; invite us to provide a training to your class!

Students of Concern


  • How to Manage Inappropriate Behavior or Classroom Disruption
  • De-escalation Techniques
  • Who to Contact

What do you get when you combine a conduct officer with a therapist? Really funny stories about crazy students. In all seriousness, we team up with the Senior Director of Student Health Services for a 45-minute case-study analysis of UVU-specific incidences and what we learned from them. We discuss specific examples of threatening behaviors, behaviors you can watch for, and, perhaps most importantly, what YOU can do to deescalate a non-emergency threat. Ideal for faculty and staff.

Academic Integrity


  • Cheating and Plagiarism Prevention
  • Policy
  • Student Rights
  • Faculty Rights
  • Resolution Process

Our intended audience for this presentation is primarily students. Students attend our university with the intention to earn a degree, but sometimes mistakes can derail their focus on academic success. What matters is that they emerge from an adverse situation stronger and smarter. This 45-minute session covers critical decision-making, responsible behavior, civility on campus, and learning from your mistakes. Ideal for in-class sessions or clubs and organization events. Don’t cancel class! Schedule this presentation for your students instead.

Conflict Resolution


  • Communication Styles
  • Conflict Coaching
  • Having Difficult Conversations

Can't we all just get along and leave the drama at the door? Truth is, as long as humans have language and try to communicate, miscommunication and conflicts will occur. So, basically, it's inevitable. This 60-minute training covers communication styles, how contending styles lead to conflict, and also how they compliment each other to resolve conflict and avoid miscommunication. Effective communication is critical to your personal and professional success, and our communication tips are strategies you’ll use for the rest of your life. Ideal for in-class sessions or clubs and organization events. Don't cancel class! Schedule this presentation for your students instead.

Student Group Risk Management


  • Clubs
  • Greek Life
  • Residential Groups
  • Athletics

This 30-minute training covers preparedness, resources, and procedures in potential and active threatening situations. We begin by emphasizing what to look for and how we use threat assessment to intervene as early as possible to threats of violence. The second half of the presentation forces you to consider your options if you find yourself in an active shooter situation—either run, hide, or fight. The goal is to move our campus community into a prepared mentality, being mindful of our surroundings, safety options, and specific behaviors that pose a risk of harm.

Customized Presentations:

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