Student conduct policies


All misconduct must be reported according to university policy:

If you see concerning behavior

  • EMERGENCY: 911 or UVU Police dispatch @ (801) 863-5555.
    This line is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • NON-EMERGENCY: UVU Tip line @ (801) 863-1234.
    This line is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Consult with the Behavior Assessment Team.

Who can make a report?

Anyone: students, faculty, staff, community members.

What can be reported?

  • Anything, major or minor, including, but not limited to:
  • Cheating, plagiarism, fabrication
  • Classroom disruption
  • Physical violence, harassment, threats, discrimination
  • Sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking
  • Theft and fraud
  • Students in distress, suicidal threats
  • Informational reports

Information to Include

Concerns should be submitted with concise, factual information including:

  • Names of all students involved, including victims or witnesses
  • Summary of the incident
  • Date of incident
  • Location or class,
  • How it came to your attention,
  • What action has been taken so far

Please also submit relevant materials: documents, photographs, copy of student’s work

If you're not sure about reporting

Anyone may contact Student Rights & Accountability for consultation about a possible concern. Talking with Student Rights & Accountability does not obligate a person to file a report; typically, investigations do not begin unless a report is filed.

Reports may also be submitted directly to the Interim Director/ Student Rights & Accountability Coordinator, Troy Esera (

Who investigates?

The Director of Student Rights & Accountability is responsible for investigating concerns regarding student conduct, and violations of the Student Rights and Responsibilities Code.

Are records kept?


However, not all reports are automatically entered into a student disciplinary record (such as reports of concerns that don't rise to the level of a policy violation).

If a student is found to have violated a policy and a permanent disciplinary record is kept, they still have the option to request that their record be expunged after a certain amount of time and depending on the severity of the violation.

Submit requests to expunge disciplinary records to the Interim Director/ Student Rights & Accountability Coordinator, Troy Esera (

When to submit a report or concern

In order to accomplish the educational goals of the process, to provide timely due process, and to avoid unnecessary complications to the investigatory process (because witnesses and/or evidence may no longer be available, memories fade, etc.), you are strongly urged to submit your concern immediately upon discovery.

If you with to discuss the process informally, please do not hesitate contact the Interim Director/ Student Rights & Accountability Coordinator, Troy Esera (

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Online Reporting for Student Misconduct and Concerning Behavior

Make an Online Report (BeHAVIOR)

Online Reporting for Student Behavioral Misconduct

Make an Online Report (ACADEMIC)

Online Reporting for Student Academic Misconduct 


The Ombuds serves as mediator, as opposed to an advocate. They neutrally and objectively listen to all problems.

More Info on Reporting



Not entered in to the student's disciplinary file. Typically, informal reports are made  for first-time and/or minor offenses that do not result in grade reduction, failing grade, or removal from class. Informal records may become formal records if a student is found responsible for multiple academic infractions.


Entered in to the student's disciplinary file with the University. Formal records usually result from academic infractions that result in a failing grade, academic probation, suspension, or expulsion. Egregious violations or multiple violations will be entered as permanent records.

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