About the TYE Center

"Everyone needs to express themselves well. It's not just what you say, but how you say it.” – Tye Noorda

The Theatre for Youth and Education (TYE) Center, originally known as the Noorda Regional Theatre Center for Children and Youth, was founded in 2009 with a generous gift from Ray and Tye Noorda Foundation. The TYE Center is part of the UVU Department of Theatrical Arts for Stage and Screen.

Benefactor Tye Noorda was raised in rural Utah, and had few opportunities to perform. After high school she attended the University of Utah, participated in several speech competitions and performed in theatre productions. Tye believed these experiences sculpted who she grew to be, developed her self-confidence and created a willingness to put herself in challenging, difficult, and ultimately rewarding, situations

It is in the spirit of Tye Noorda’s resilience and commitment to children and youth in which we operate, striving to provide performance and public speaking opportunities for all children and youth while training enthusiastic teachers of the arts, through the operation of the following programs:

  • Provides teacher training opportunities to UVU students through the annual Noorda Theatre Summer Camp for children ages 5-17, with two productions, and courses in creative drama, musical theatre, dance and movement, acting, stage combat, and more
  • Supports university theatre productions for young audiences
  • Produces touring productions, featuring UVU student actors, which travel to schools in both local and rural communities
  • Facilitates conferences and special events for educators, UVU students, and the community on topics relevant to practitioners of the arts
  • Develops new scripts for young people to see and to perform
  • Sponsors two playwriting contests
  • Facilitates on campus visits and guest lectures from professionals working in the Theatre for Young Audiences field
  • Provides support to after school drama programs in Title I elementary schools
  • Supports university courses in Theatre for Children and Youth; Storytelling; Puppetry; Creative Drama; and Applied Theatre
  • Sensory Friendly performances
  • Saturday morning master classes in musical theatre, acting, dance, spoken word, slam poetry, and public speaking coming soon!