The TYE Center sponsors a fall touring show, a spring touring show, school matinee performances of UVU main season shows, and special productions. We also offer bus grants, study guides, and sensory-friendly performances.

Touring Shows

Touring shows bring live theatre to schools in Utah Valley and beyond. Touring show performances begin at 1:00pm, and are $100 to bring the play to the school’s performing space.

To schedule a touring show that brings live theatre to your school, contact Marta Myers at 801-863-KIDS (5437) or

Teaching Stage study guides are provided, in advance, to help teachers prepare their students for the play. 

Individual tickets for Noorda Theatre performances can also be purchased online or by phone, 801-863-PLAY (7529).


School Matinees

School matinees of theatre department productions are held in the Noorda Center for the Performing Arts on the main campus of Utah Valley University in Orem. Tickets are $3 a seat for all students, teachers, and chaperones attending the performance. School matinees begin at 10:00am, with the option of free post-show discussions with the cast and production team, upon request.

To schedule a field trip to UVU to see a school matinee production, contact Marta Myers at or call 801-863-KIDS (5437).

Learning Stage study guides are provided the day of the school matinee and include follow up questions, activities, and discussion topics.


Bus Grants

Bus grants are available to assist with the cost of transportation to attend a school matinee, up to $150 per school, per production.

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Sensory Friendly Performances

Sensory friendly performances are designed to accommodate the needs of children with autism spectrum disorders.  Working with UVU’s Nellesen Center for Autism, we will create preparatory materials for parents and families explaining what they can expect during the performance.  Adaptations to the performance include glow-sticks that the ushers raise to warn children of surprises, reduced sound and light levels, raised houselights, designated areas for children who need some space to move, and allowance for the use of electronic devices.

Study Guides

The TYE Center produces study guides for each of the shows it produces or sponsors. Teaching Stage guides are sent to teachers who are hosting touring shows at their schools. Learning Stage issues are handed to students as they arrive for our school matinee performances. Sharing Stage issues are made available to university students for selected main season shows at UVU.

Scene from Dr. Faustus


Our Current Season

  • I Never Saw Another Butterfly: Learning Stage
  • Much Ado About Nothing: Learning Stage
  • Mama Tomcat’s Flying School: Teaching Stage
  • Tomato Plant Girl: Teaching Stage