Tuition and student fees are established by the Utah State Board of Regents. Tuition and other changes that appear in the catalog and other university publications are subject to change without notice. All tuition and fees are payable at the time of registration. Checks for more than the total tuition and fees due will not be accepted.

Student financial responsibility

Failure to meet financial commitments and obligations to the university will result in a hold being placed upon the student’s record. Registration for future terms and transcripts will not be available until the obligation is cleared.

Late payment fee - $200

Regardless of circumstances, students who do not pay their tuition balance or secure enrollment in the short-term tuition payment plan prior to the late fee deadline will be assessed the late payment fee at 20% of the unpaid balance, up to $200 per semester.

Audit courses

Charges for auditing a class are the same rate as regular credit classes, and such hours will be counted as part of the student’s total credit-hour load for tuition purposes. Consult the Student Timetable for the last day to audit classes.

Credit by examination fee (challenge credit)

A nonrefundable fee of $15 is charged to take a challenge examination. Tuition is charged at the rate of $5 per credit.

Other Fees