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Policies & Procedures

This policy applies to Early Registration, Open Registration, and Late Registration.

Early and Open Registrations not paid for or covered by Financial Aid by the published payment deadline date will be dropped. (See the Student Timetable for all dates and deadlines)

Students who default on all or any portion of their tuition and fees will be suspended from further registration and records activity at the University until their account is paid in full.

The registration and records activity suspension will be carried forward to perpetuity until all past due tuition and fees are paid in full.

Past due tuition accounts may be reported to the Credit Bureau and/or turned over to an outside collection agency for collection.

Tuition Disclosure

Full-time 2018-19 undergraduate resident students at Utah Valley University paying a semester tuition and fee amount of $2,863 (before any financial aid, scholarship or waiver) contribute an estimated 51 percent to the full cost of instruction per full-time student of $5,791. The remaining support for the full cost of instruction is provided by $2,830 of state tax funds.

Truth in Tuition 2018

Tuition Surcharge Policy

A student who takes course work in excess of 125% of the credits required for graduation may be charged for those excessive credit hours at twice the resident rate, as per Utah State Board of Regents Policy R510.


The tuition refund policy is established by the Board of Regents and amended by each college/university to fit their programs. Utah Valley University refunds for students who withdraw from school or drop classes are calculated as follows:


  • Through first week of instruction - 100 percent
  • Through second week of instruction - 100 percent
  • After second week of instruction - 0 percent

Thereafter, the refund periods for instructional cycles other than the semester are extrapolated from the above schedule.

For instruction on how to make a registration change (add/drop/withdrawal) see:  /registration/add-drop-withdraw.html

A Petition to the Refund Policy Form is available on the Web or can be obtained from the office of the Registrar.

To see how a tuition refund will impact your federal financial aid click http://www.uvu.edu/financialaid/consumer/withdrawal.html

Check Cashing Procedures

Check Cashing Procedures

The University does not accept two-party checks. Checks written to UVU must have the student’s UV ID number, the payer’s address, and payer’s phone number on the face of the check. Two forms of identification are required at all campus check-cashing locations.

 Checks made for an amount larger than the total tuition and fees due will not be accepted. Checks written for up to $5 over the amount of the purchase may be cashed at the Bookstore. All other campus locations accept checks for amount of purchase (or payment) only.

 Dishonored Checks

A dishonored check is any check returned by the payer’s bank for any reason, including, but not limited to, insufficient funds, no account, bad account, stop payment, unauthorized account.  Checks written that later have a “stop payment” placed upon them will be considered as “dishonored”.

 A service charge will be assessed on each dishonored check unless the payer can document in writing from the bank that it was a bank error.