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UVUSA stands for Utah Valley University Student Association. We're students fighting for students! Through UVUSA you can make a difference on campus. Students are able to participate as a student council member, department representative, student activities committee member, or get involved with clubs. Through these leadership roles students are able to develop essential life skills such as time management, delegation, and accountability. Students are also able to gain a greater understanding of volunteerism, civic engagement, and citizenship. Student Council members participate in various campus committees representing the student voice. Student Council coordinates student initiatives, participate in student processes, and also facilitate student fee hearings.

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You Have a Voice

Every student can have a major impact on what happens at the University. Share your thoughts and opinions to help us better address student issues.


Honoring Excellence

Wolverine Achievement Awards are awards given to students, faculty, staff, alumni and administrators in recognition of outstanding contributions to the campus and community.


Student Elections

Be the voice of the student body! Elections for the student body president and vice presidents are held every spring.

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The Mighty Athletic Wolverine League

The Mighty Athletic Wolverine League (MAWL) is the official student cheering section for all UVU Athletic events. Every student is a member of the MAWL but VIP perks are available! Follow the MAWL @UVUMAWL on social media for more details or come to our office in SL 122 for more info.


bullet SWAG. Everyone loves swag. Get some.

bullet Free food at MAWL tailgates. Free taste better.

bullet Prime seating at sporting events...AND MORE!


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