Mission Statement

Advocacy for students is a large part of what UVUSA Student Council does. We encourage you to use your student voice to bring improvement and change to campus. There are two major ways you as students can do this: submit comments and questions to Student Voice and nominate people for the Wolverine Achievement Awards.

Student Voice


The Student Voice campaign is run by the Academic Senate branch of UVUSA and is a unique way for students to let their voice be heard. The feedback collected through Student Voice is used to represent students to the highest levels of UVU's administration. Please share your questions, comments, concerns or suggestions.

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Student Resources


The UVUSA Student Council has created a "Student Resources" brochure for you to be able to become more familiar with what resources are available to you as a student at Utah Valley University. This brochure will help you navigate what UVU has to offer with a detailed list of resources, locations and how to learn more about each one.

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