Mission Statement

We are students striving to provide a meaningful college experience through collaboration and involvement. As representatives of the student voice, we will be transparent and relatable in order to create a community of PROUD WOLVERINES!



There are many volunteer positions with UVUSA! Fill out the interest form here- https://cglink.me/2py/s28 or check out each branch for specific opportunities.


Constitution of the UVU Student Association      2020 Special Election Results-Constitution Changes


UVU Student Council Meeting Schedule

guy and girl at a table

Student Council meetings are open to anyone to attend. They are held each week in SL 114 - UVUSA Council Chambers on Thursdays at 1:00 pm. Each meeting generally runs for 60-90 minutes depending on the length of the agenda. Guests are invited to sit in the open seats along the wall. All comments, questions, etc. should be directed to a council member as their designated representatives.

Meeting Minutes

Executive Council & Presidential Reports

The Executive Council consists of the Student Body President, the Vice President of the Independent Branch, the Vice President of Student Activities, and the Vice President of Academics. The President and VP's facilitate Student Council initiatives, participate in campus committees, and oversee student programming and projects. The Executive Assistant and the Parliamentarian report directly to the Student Body President and assist with ongoing projects and initiative.

Portrait of Zac Whitlock

Zac Whitlock

Student Body President



Portrait of First Yongyun

First Yongyun

VP of Engagement



Portrait of Caleb Cutler

Caleb Cutler

VP of Student Activities



Portrait of Kenzie Jones Womack

Kenzie Jones Womack

 VP of Academic Senate



Portrait of Mimi Pepper Barney

Mimi Pepper Barney 

Executive Assistant 

Portrait of Mickelle Newkirk

Mickelle Newkirk




Portrait of Brooke Brady

Brooke Brady

 Public Relations Chair

Independent Branch

The UVUSA Independent Branch strives to unify students through collaboration with other campus student organizations. Together we are able to make an even greater impact by organizing and implementing initiatives focused on civic engagement and global awareness. Volunteer to work on Engagement through the Inclusion Committee by applying here- https://cglink.me/2py/s436 or the Public Relations Committee by applying here- https://cglink.me/2py/s219

Portrait of First Yongyun

First Yongyun

VP of Engagement



Portrait of Lina Varionova

Lina Varionova

Assistant to VP of Engagement



Inclusion Chair



Inclusion Ambassador

Portrait of Mohamed Toure

Mohamed Toure

Inclusion Ambassador

Activities Branch

The Activities Branch of UVUSA is responsible for infusing campus life with exciting and inclusive events that appeal to a wide variety of Wolverines. Programs are focused on entertainment, arts, special interest groups, Wolverine Pride and tradition. Volunteer to work with Activities as part of the Green Team! Apply here- https://cglink.me/2py/s435

Portrait of Caleb Cutler

Caleb Cutler

VP of Student Activities 



Portrait of Kelcee Boehmer

Kelcee Boehmer

Assistant to VP of Activities

Portrait of Couples Events Chair

Hailey Hendricks

Couples Events Chair

Portrait of Jayden Wyson

Jayden Wyson

Entertainment Chair 

Portrait of Mallory Neuberger

Mallory Neuberger

Family Events Chair

Portrait of Julio Morales

Julio Morales

Social Arts Chair

Portrait of Kyle Cullimore

Kyle Cullimore

Traditions Chair


Senate Branch

Did you know that you have a Student Senate here to help you? The UVUSA Student Senate works directly with the Deans of each school/college to represent the student body on department steering committees. Each senator also serves as a representative for students within their school/college during student council processes, including student fee hearings. Volunteer to work with Senate as a Department Representative! Apply here- https://cglink.me/2py/s370

Portrait of Kenzie Jones Womack

Kenzie Jones Womack

VP of Academic Senate



Portrait of Michael Perez

Michael Perez

Assistant to VP of Senate 

Portrait of Gavin McLaren

Gavin McLaren

College of Engineering and Technology Senator

Portrait of Tiana Vakaafi Wynn

Tiana Vakaafi Wynn

College of Health and Public Service Senator

Portrait of Francisco Calderon - Mora


Calderon - Mora

College of Humanities and Social Sciences Senator

Portrait of Katie Shepherd

Katie Shepherd

College of Science Senator

Portrait of Melody Reid

Melody Reid

School of the Arts Senator

Portrait of Macy Robbins

Macy Robbins 

School of Business Senator

Portrait of Brayden Morton

Brayden Morton 

 School of Education Senator

Headshot of Wilson the Wolverine

Questions? Ask Wilson