Web Community

What is Web Community?

The Web Community is a group for all members of UVU's campus who work with the web -- site owners, site managers, content contributors, and anyone else who works with UVU's web presence. We want everyone in the Web Community to have easy access to resources, help, training, and support services to provide the best web experience possible!

The Web Community meets every two months for about an hour to discuss updates to web systems, provide helpful training information, and answers questions and get input from everyone.




Topics: Web Audit.


2019 Meeting Notes




Topics: Web Community adjustments, annual web audit, directory system rollout and instructions.


Topics: Google Analytic Dashboard Updates, New Form Solutions and Process, New Elements Library and Components 

MAY 2019

Topics: Analytic dashboards, new profile and directory system, new News system, rollover deadlines.


2018 Meeting Notes

September 2018

Topics: Docusign forms,data integration, social media integration.

March 2018

Topics: Accessibility updates, site development process

January 2018

Topics: Annual web audit, search engine optimization

2017 Meeting Notes

September 2017

Topics: Compliance updates, new Web Owners system, calendaring widget, HTTPS switch, adjusted site development cycle

May 2017

Topics: New row-based templates; review of site ownership roles

January 2017

Topics: Annual audit guidelines; Kaltura video gadget

2016 Meeting Notes

November 2016

Topics: Possible navigation options; web standards and guidelines

September 2016

Topics: OU Campus Access, Maps, and Web Tools

July 2016

Topics: Web Accessibility

2015 Meeting Notes

November 20, 2015

Topics: Team introductions, Ownership roles, Blog system, Department styles, UVU homepage refresh

July 17, 2015

Topics: OU Campus 10.3, Catalog update, Accessibility, OU Campus snippets, website rebuilds

May 22, 2015

Topics: myUVU to myUVU Transition and open lab training. There are no meeting notes accompanying this presentation. 

March 20, 2015

Topics: UVU Annual Web Audit, Update on Accessibilities, Asset Sliders- Alt Tags, New final check, New gadgets. There are no meeting notes accompanying this presentation. 

January 23, 2015

Topics: UVU Annual Web Audit, Sliders, and Updates. There are no meeting notes accompanying this presentation. 


2014 Meeting Notes

November 21, 2014

Topics: Digital Signage, new training meetings available, MyUVU architecture, changes in requesting support

September 26, 2014

Topics: Using Social Media, working with sliders, working with images, submitting support tickets

May 30, 2014

Topics: OU Campus v10 transition and how simple ways to improve your website this summer

March 28, 2014

Topics: UVU Calendar System, New Catalog Site, Migrations End Date, OU Campus v10


2013 Meeting Notes

November 22, 2013

Topics: New web organization, SWAT, page count and age reports

September 27, 2013

Topics: Social Stream, gallery assets, SWAT

July 26, 2013

Topics: Web style guide, image galleries, audience homepages

May 24, 2013

Topics: Using tables in web sites, adaptive table options, new file naming standards, accordion snippet

March 22, 2013

Topics: Template migration, SEO (search) basics, new homepage

February 1, 2013

Topics: Introduction to Web Community, new web templates