What are Web Site Elements?

Web site elements are ready-built pieces that can be added to pages in Omni CMS to help style and format content. Elements include components, snippets, and assets. Each of these types of elements are used differently and for different purposes.

How do I use the Elements Library?

The elements library provides a visual representation of the elements that are currently available to be added to pages. Each element in the elements library indicates what type of element it is -- component, snippet, or asset. Once you find an element that you'd like to add to a page, you can insert that type of element, and find the element with the matching name from the list of available snippets, components, or assets.

Some elements, like card components, may have multiple styles for the same element. Each style is represented in the elements library.

If, for example, you'd like to add the "Card: Picture Card - Option 3" component to your page:

  1. Click the "Insert Component" icon in the editor
  2. Choose "Card: Picture Card" component from the list of available components
  3. When entering information for the component, choose "Option 3" from the drop-down of available styles