101 OU Campus Training and Access

How to Get Access to My Department Website

In order to get access to a department website, have your department's Site Manager or Site Owner contact or confirm to Web Development Services that you should have access to the website. You will then contact Web Development services to request access to the full OU Campus training program in UVULearn. The UVULearn training will be assigned to you, and you can go through the training at your own pace. It only takes about an hour total to complete.

After you have completed the training, notify Web Development services that it is complete. Your access to the site will then be set up and you can begin editing and maintaining your site. Please note that you website access will not be available until you have notified Web Development Services that you have completed training.

Get Website Training

Training for access to edit and maintain department websites is administered through UVULearn. In order to receive training to edit a department website, the Site Owner or Site Manager of your site should contact Web Development Services to confirm that you should have access to the site. Once that confirmation is received, the OU Campus Basics training program in UVULearn will be assigned. Once the training program is complete, notify Web Development Services that you have successfully completed the training. At that point, your access to the website through OU Campus will be granted.