1002 Google Analytics Dashboards

Using Google Analytics dashboards

Google Analytics can provide lots of information about the way people interact with your site, and it's already being used for every site on uvu.edu. By taking advantage of the information available in Google Analytics, you can discover which content is most useful to your visitors and how to best reach your audience.

You can request a Google Analytics dashboard specific to your department or division by submitting a request.

What can Google Analytics tell me about my site?

A few of the questions that Google Analytics can help to answer are:

  • How many people visited my site during a certain time period?
  • Do more visitors view my site on a desktop computer or on a phone?
  • How long did visitors stay on my homepage?
  • Which pages did visitors spend the most time on?
  • What time of year is the busiest for my site?
  • How many people watched the video on my homepage?