1101 Updating Employee Profiles

Employee profiles

The Professional Pages system has been replaced with the UVU Directory System. Employees can maintain their own employee profile information within myUVU:

  1. After logging into myUVU, click on your name in the upper right corner:
    Screenshot showing user name in myUVU
  2. From the menu that appears, click on the gear icon:
    Screenshot showing user menu in myUVU.
  3. Click on "My Employee Profile" from the menu that appears:
    Screenshot of menu showing settings within myUVU.
  4. Enter your information in the employee profile fields. You may upload a professional headshot, provide a brief bio, and link to a full bio or CV. Where applicable, you may also provide a link to an appointment scheduling system.
    Please note that some of the information auto-populates from Banner and cannot be changed in this view. If the information being populated from Banner is incorrect, contact Human Resources.
    Screenshot showing employee information in a form. The information can be updated as necessary.
    Click image to enlarge
  5. Save the changes to you profile. The information will automatically be updated wherever your directory information may be displayed on uvu.edu.


Changing my employee profile image

When uploading an image to your employee profile, please ensure that it meets the following guidelines: 

  • Must be a professional headshot of you
  • Must be recent (within approx 5 years)
  • Must have full face showing (both eyes).
  • Must have the face centered in the photo and space above and to the sides of the head.
  • Must have a plain grey, black, or white backdrop/background.
  • Must meet the minimum dimensions of 475px x 675px
  • Must not exceed the maximum file size of 1MB.
  • No black and white photos
  • No hats or sunglasses
  • No photos with family members, friends, or pets
  • No costumes or props
  • No Avatars

Please note: this photo will be used on the online directory, ID cards, and in myUVU.

UVU Marketing ($25) and Campus Connection (free) are equiped to take photos that meet these standards.