1101 Request Web Help

Service requests

If you have searched training resources and documentation and need additional help with your website, please submit a support ticket to Web Development Services.

Service request options include:

  • Web fix for issues such as help logging in to Omni CMS, content formatting issues, broken links, broken pages, etc.
  • Web request for larger projects including site builds and rebuilds, new site functionality
  • Site access/training request for web community members who need training in working with Omni CMS, or need to make changes to their site access in Omni CMS
  • Form request

Submit a new web request.

Submitting a new request

Web support requests are submitted and managed through the UVU Service Center.

Initial log in process

  1. On the log in screen enter your UVU email address
    Login screen with email address prompt.
  2. Click the "Log in with single sign-on" button
    Screen capture showing button for single sign-on access
  3. Enter your UVU email address
    Screen showing email address and password fields.
  4. Follow your usual procedure for Duo authentication
    DUO authentication options

Creating a new request

  1. After logging in, choose "Web Services" from the list of available service types.
    List of available service types, with Web Services highlighted.
  2. Choose the type of web service you are requesting from the available options.
    Available types of web service requests including web fix, web request, site access request, form request.
  3. Fill out the request form. Provide as much detail as possible. (Click to expand image.)
    Example of web request form including summary, description and contact information.
  4. Click "Send" to submit your request.
  5. You will receive an automated email confirmation. Using the links in this email, you can either view and manage your request or change your notification settings for the request.
    Automated email confirmation

Managing your requests

  1. After submitting a request, you will see a "Requests" notification in the upper right corner of the Service Center window. Click on the notification to manage your open requests.
    Request notification indicator
  2. From the list of open requests, choose the request you would like to manage.
    Screen showing open service requests
  3. For each request, you'll be able to communicate with the developer who has been assigned the request, change notification settings, and see the progress of the request.
    Screen showing status of request and communcation with assigned developer.
  4. When work on your request is completed, you will receive an email indicating that the request has been resolved.
    Email message showing work has been resolved.