602 Using Kaltura to Add Videos to Pages

Adding Kaltura Videos to Your Site

Step 1

Open the gadget menu by clicking the "electrical plug" icon in the upper right corner of OU Campus.

Click the icon to open the Gadgets sidebar

Step 2

Expand the Kaltura gadget.

Expand the Kaltura gadget

Steps 3 & 4

Click the "Browse" tab in the Kaltura gadget.

Using the drop-down menu, find the appropriate category for the video you with to insert. Once you have made a selection, a list of available videos will be populated below the drop-down.

Browse for a video to insert with the Kaltura gadget.

Step 5

Below each video is a snippet of code for embedding the video. Highlight the code for the video you would like to insert. Copy the code.

Copy the embed code for the desired video

Step 6

Click on the "Insert Embedded Media" icon in the OU Campus editor.

Open the "insert embedded media" dialogue by clicking the icon.

Steps 7 & 8

Click on the "Source" tab in the dialogue box that opens.

Paste the previously copied embed code into this tab.

Click "Insert." Your video will appear as a placeholder in the editor. You can view the video in "Preview" mode.

Paste the code into the Source tab.


 If any of the steps above are not working as shown, click the "Refresh" button in the bottom left corner of the gadget, then try again.

Click the refresh button if something doesn't work as shown