Wolverine Pride

Wolverine Pride engages the spirit in all of us to support and to benefit from the affinity we have with Utah Valley University as employees, students and alumni. We show our pride by supporting school sponsored events such as concerts, plays, athletic events and academic and college sponsored conferences; and by wearing UVU apparel on and off campus, with pride.

  • Attend Wolverine Wednesdays in Center Stage from 11:30 - 1:00 for a $3 lunch If you are wearing UVU Attire, $4 if you;re not. These are sponsored by different areas on campus every Wednesday and always fun!


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The purpose of the Pledge is to enhance the atmosphere of pride at UVU and to celebrate its many accomplishments and outstanding programs.  A strong sense of community and engagement across campus helps raise graduation rates, builds stronger unity, and fosters an environment of support and common purpose for students and employees.  We’re all in this together!  We might as well have fun in the process! (If you have ideas or suggestions to further this purpose, please let me know by replying to this e-mail)



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