About the Institute


The UVU Entrepreneurship Institute empowers UVU students to start and grow their businesses through experiential opportunities, robust programming, resources and mentorship, and integration with the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem.

You can learn to become a successful entrepreneur.


We offer a number of resources for building your entrepreneurial skills, including traditional coursework. Learn more about the Entrepreneurship Minor for non-business majors as well as the Entrepreneurship Emphasis for business majors. If you're not quite ready for that level of commitment, join the  Entrepreneurship Lecture Series and hear from seasoned and successful entrepreneurs about their war stories.


We host  several business competitions or you can set up an appointment to come in and talk to our mentors  about what  to do next. We also host pitch events so you can practice your presentation!


Our students have won competitions,  been on Shark Tank,  funded their projects on Kickstarter, and built dozens of businesses. You can too!

How the EI Can Help You: LEARN, DO & BECOME


You must be a UVU student and we prefer students who are trying or have started their own business, but all majors are welcome!


The Lecture Series is open to students and community members who are interested in learning from experienced entrepreneurs. If you've started a business, are thinking about starting a business, or just want to hear about the experiences of seasoned entrepreneurs, this lecture series is for you.


We offer a variety of events and competitions for learning, networking, and building your venture no matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey.


With resources available from the UVU Wolverine Fund, the Ross Seed Fund, the Zinn Starter Fund, and the UVU Entrepreneurship Institute, UVU has the resources and tools to help start or fund your new business!


UVU offers 12 entrepreneurship-focused courses in addition to rigorous business coursework.

WeLift Women Entrepreneurs

Support women entrepreneurs, develop funding sources to achieve long-term sustainability, include students in developing and implementing our progression, and involve, recognize, and support all women in the Utah entrepreneurship community.

Our Team

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