Schedule Types

Schedule Type (aka Delivery Method) codes indicate the method of delivery by which most of the instruction is transmitted. Refer to "Approved Scheduling Rules" for more information.

The Institutional Research office (IR) holds academic departments responsible for the data coding of Schedule Type and Instructional Method fields on all class sections. Academic departments should review their semester schedules carefully and adjust as appropriate.

'Flex Delivery' for social distancing may be required during restricted semesters.
See FAQs for more information.



USHE Definition

Course is taught primarily in person, classroom based. This includes workbook courses with instruction, and courses with technology-delivered components such as online syllabi, online lecture notes; however, teaching and learning activities are classroom-based. (02-Jun-2003)

UVU Conventional Use

Lecture is delivered live, in a classroom, on specific days and times.  Sections require: 

  • One or more meeting lines (standard meeting patterns apply) , and 
  • UVU building and room assignment (or other approved location).

Also used for Internships (SUP), Individualized (INV), and Co-operative course sections, where:

  • meeting line contains no specific day(s) or time(s), and
  • building and room codes reflect "TBA".

Live Interactive (aka "Video") home sections (located in UVU broadcast rooms only), which must be coordinated with Extended Studies.


Face to Face + Online

USHE Definition

Course is taught both in person, in a classroom, and via technology. The technology-delivered components include teaching and learning activities and reduces the time traditionally spent in the face-to-face class. (09-Aug-2011)

UVU Conventional Use

A combination of face-to-face lecture and online requirements. Lecture is held live in a UVU classroom on specific days and times for some content, with the remaining content being delivered online via Canvas.  Sections require:

  •  Two meeting lines-- one to capture the live lecture time (standard meeting patterns apply), and one to capture the online requirement. For example, a 3:3:0 course might be listed as:

            Line 1:  MW 1300-1350 LA 104  (2 hrs face-to-face lecture)
            Line 2:  [no day/time] ONLINE  (1 hour online)


            Line 1:  T 1300-1415 LA 104  (1.25 hrs face-to-face lecture)
            Line 2:  [no day/time] ONLINE  (1.25 hours online)

  • Standard "Hybrid" section note for student information.
  • Program Attribute code ("HY") for reporting purposes.


Live Stream

USHE Definition

Content is delivered both through synchronous two-way streaming technology and online (aka "Remote Virtual"). Courses meet synchronously on a regular schedule. Courses do not require university controlled space at either the origination or receiving locations. These courses are included in IPEDS Distance Education reporting. (26-May-2020)

UVU Conventional Use

Lecture is held live on specific days and times.  Students join from home using their own computer or device, and can interact with the instructor and classmates on camera. Sections require:

  • One meeting line (standard meeting patterns apply) which includes building and room codes "LIVE STREAM".  General classroom/lab space is not assigned.
  • Standard "Live Stream" section note for student information.
  • TOPs code ("LIVE") for reporting purposes.

Similar to "HY", Live Stream may also include some content to be delivered online via Canvas, but would require two meeting lines.  
For example: 

                Line 1:  MW 1300-1350 LIVE STREAM  (2 hrs face-to-face lecture)
                Line 2:  [no day/time] ONLINE  (1 hour online)


Live Interactive Audio/Video

USHE Definition

Course is taught via remote interactive video and audio (i.e., IVC, EdNET, Satellite) from an origination site to one or more receive sites or via streaming media technologies. Lectures and assignments are delivered in real time, one-way from the instructor to students (Satellite), with two-way exchange capabilities between instructor and student (IVC or EdNET), or accessed online on demand via streaming audio/video. (02-Jun-2003)

UVU Conventional Use

Lecture is held live on specific days and times in a UVU classroom, and is broadcasted to one or more remote classrooms (i.e., local high schools).  Students can interact with the instructor on camera. Used for all live interactive "receive" (aka "remote") site sections. Sections require:

  • Must be cross-listed with a face-to-face "home" section.
  • Must be coordinated with the Extended Studies office.
  • Not used for tape replay broadcasts.



USHE Definition

Course content is delivered online. While online courses may require proctored exams, there are no other place-bound requirements and minimal synchronous (real time) requirements. Regular interactions between students and instructor are a part of the teaching and learning process. (09-Aug-2011)

UVU Conventional Use

Lecture is taught 100% online through Canvas.  Students are not required to meet on  specific days or times. Sections require:

  • One meeting line (no days / times listed) which includes building and room codes "ONLINE ONLINE".
  • Section numbers begin with "X__".


Face-to-Face Lab

USHE Definition

Refer to "F" (Face-to-Face).

UVU Conventional Use

The lecture is held live in a UVU laboratory on specific days and times.  Applies to course sections where the credit ratio includes LAB hours only.  For example:

        CHEM 3605 201 (X, LAB, 1:0:3)
        MUSC 370R 201 (X, LAB, 1:0:4)

Sections require: 

  • One or more meeting lines (standard meeting patterns generally apply) , and 
  • UVU building and lab assignment (or other approved location).

Note:  Is not used with Instructional Method "INV", "OPR", or "SUP".