Curriculum Updates

  • Final INTERCOLLEGIATE VIEW  for Fall 2022 items will be available Sept 15-21st. Any item that does not enter Intercollegiate View by 5 pm Sept 14th, will  be for Fall 2023. Items MUST go through the CourseLeaf (CIM) Peer Review Vote before entering Intercolleigate View (at least 51% of dept must have a yes vote). Please click on the Intercollegiate View Program/Course buttons to view proposals for new, modified, and deleted programs and courses. Comments can be made by clicking the "Add Comment" button on the Course/Program form.  You will need Courseleaf (CIM) access to review the proposals. Please contact us if you need access. 
  • Items will leave Intercollegiate View  and returned to the submitter the monring of the 22nd. The submitter MUST review any comments, make the necessary changes and/or provide justification for not making changes, save the edits, and then hit the approve button in the top right corner for curriculum to move forward. This MUST be done by 5 pm on Sept 24th.
  • Curriculum Proposals requiring a PDD/R401 MUST have Phase One submitted in CourseLeaf (CIM) by December 1, 2021 for Fall 2023. 
  • Due to concerns over COVID-19, the Curriculum Office staff are working a hybrid schedule. Please email or send a message to a Curriculum Office staff memeber through TEAMS if you need to reach us. For additional information on COVID-19 and UVU please visit the COVID-19 Information page.
  • Full-time faculty may gain access to Courseleaf (CIM) by setting up a tutorial with the Curriculum Office. View only rights do not require the additional training.

Upcoming deadlines

Multiple Tracks for Low Impact Curriculum:

Multiple tracks are presented to illustrate that proposals may be submitted for approval throughout the curriculum cycle. UCC strongly suggests selecting an early track (1-4) for low impact curriculum submissions to ensure proposals are reviewed prior to Academic Scheduling deadlines. Waiting until the final deadline to submit curriculum proposals could result in implementation delays.

Please note--these dates reflect important deadlines. Other deadlines may need to occur before these can take place. Please click on the Curriculum Process Timeline link below to see the full process.

Low Impact Curriculum *Program proposals (<25% of core), course proposals that do NOT accompany a program with a PDD.

We are currently working on the deadlines for the low impact curriculum. View the curriculum process timeline.

High Impact Curriculum **Program proposals that require a Program Development Document (PDD), course proposals that accompany a program proposal with a PDD.

Phase 1 Submission
December 1st
Inter-Collegiate View
February 1st
Institutional Prioritization
February 15th
Phase 2 Submission Deadline
April 1st

Process flowcharts

Program Approval Process

Program Approval Process Flowchart
See Process

Course Approval Process

Course Approval Process Flowchart
View Process