Final Exam Guidelines


  1. UVU policy 601 - Classroom Management, requires faculty members to give a final examination / assessment that takes place during exam week. 
    • The final exam schedule allows for a one-hour and fifty minute block of time for each exam / assessment. This block is based on the combination of regular meeting days and times. In order for this final exam scheduling method to work effectively, many classes will "shift" from their regular day, time and / or location.
    • Final exams / assessments are not to be changed from the published schedule for any reason. Doing so creates conflicts for student schedules and for space assignments.
    • All supervisory levels should communicate clear expectations to their faculty at the beginning of each semester, and promptly correct any intentional or accidental misunderstandings.

  2. FULL semester classes advertised and delivered as:
    • Face-to-face or Livestream must follow the published final exam schedule when a face-to-face or livestream exam / assessment is planned.
    • Online or Individualized are assigned a final exam / assessment by the primary instructor in Canvas during the final exam window / week.

  3. BLOCK semester (or condensed) classes ––regardless of delivery method–– hold final exams / assessments:
    • Block 1: on the last day of class (before block 2 begins).
    • Block 2: on the last day of class prior to finals week.
    • Canvas closes on the last meet day of each block.

  4. If a class regularly starts later than 50 minutes after the hour (i.e. 7:55am), then the instructions for the next class start time should be followed (i.e. 8am - 8:50am).

  5. A faculty member shall, when requested by a student, provide an alternate exam time for a student with more than three final exams on the same day (or two final exams scheduled for the same date and time). Student shall submit a written request in a timely manner for alternate arrangements. Refer to UVU Policy 601.

  6. By design, Livestream final exams are not held in a classroom. However, if a specific need arises, the instructor (or authorized department scheduler) can request a room from the Academic Scheduling office.

  7. If an accommodative final exam needs to be administered through UVU Testing Services, the final exam schedule may not apply. Please refer to for more information.

  8. Finals Week schedules are not currently reflected in the 25Live database or Banner. As the regular meet days and times must shift to accommodate the required blocks of time for each final exam, no special events (i.e., meetings, ceremonies, etc.) can be accommodated in academic space during Finals Week.

  9. It is the academic department's responsibility to identify any "same student set" final exam conflicts (where >50% of the students have the same final exam conflict) and report them to the Academic Scheduling Office no less than two weeks prior to Finals Week for resolution.