Final Exam Schedule

Fall 2020 & Spring 2021

* See general Guidelines below. *
For the OFFICIAL 2020-2021 finals schedule, click here.

UVU has implemented changes to provide the best possible education and experience, while also ensuring your safety.  For more information, see:

Message to Faculty:  Proctorio is available to administer final exams in lieu of in-class exams. Please coordinate an alternate time with any students who have a conflict with another exam.  The Testing Center team is available to help you convert most exam types from paper/pencil to Proctorio or Canvas for remote delivery. They will need 2-3 business days for conversion. Please contact to start the process.

Your Final Exam Day & Time

Applies to Face-to-Face and Livestream classes
(Livestream finals are not held in a classroom)


Summer Semester

Summer final exams are given during the last one or two regularly scheduled class periods.
There are NO additional final exam days scheduled.

Memo from Provost and VP, Academic Affairs, F. Wayne Vaught, PhD

Friday, December 11, 2020 and Thursday, April 29, 2021
are the scheduled final exam preparation days
for the 2020-21 Academic Calendar.

Effective use of final exam preparation days enables students to solidify their learning. Classes will not be held.
Faculty should encourage students to use this day to prepare for exams, complete assignments, or work or upcoming
assignments. All academic calendars are approved by the Academic Affairs Council and the President’s Council.


  1. UVU policy (601 Classroom Management) requires faculty members to give a final examination/assessment that takes place during exam week.

  2. Final exams for full-semester classes are not to be changed from the published schedule for any reason.  Doing so creates conflicts for student schedules and for space assignments.

  3. Finals for BLOCK classes are held the last day of class (for 2nd block, this is the last meet day prior to Finals Week).

  4. Each class is allowed a one-hour and fifty minute block of time for finals. This block is assigned based on the combination of regular meeting days and times. In order for this room scheduling method to work effectively, many classes will "shift" from their regular day and time or location.

  5. If a class regularly starts later than 50 minutes after the hour (i.e. 7:55am), then the instructions for the next class start time should be followed (i.e. 8am - 8:50am).

  6. A faculty member shall, when requested by a student, provide an alternate exam time for a student with more than three final exams on the same day (or two final exams scheduled for the same date and time). Student shall submit a written request in a timely manner for alternate arrangements. Refer to UVU Policy 601.

  7. If your final exam is administered through the testing center, the final exam schedule does not apply. Please see Testing Services for more information.