Supplemental Instruction Time
Request Form

This form is used to request instructor-led supplemental instruction time and space (e.g., study, review or practice sessions, tutoring, make-up test, etc.). If you're an authorized department scheduler (or tutoring office), you're in the right place!

Requests must:
  • adhere to Fall / Spring (or Summer) Standard Meeting Pattern start times,
  • be directly related to an academic course section (includes a CRN),
  • be submitted by an authorized department scheduler, and
  • be submitted a minimum of 3 - 5 business days in advance of need.

Requests are:

  • processed after the first week of a term (follows the placement of academic course sections),
  • subject to review, approval and space availability,
  • not processed by the Event Services office, and
  • not confirmed until you receive an email confirmation from the Academic Scheduling office via 25Live.

Did you know...?

  1. Students cannot be required to attend supplemental sessions.
  2. Requests during Finals Week cannot be accommodated.
  3. Supplemental time is scheduled only in 25Live -- it is never reflected in Banner. As Kaltura reads only from the section details in Banner, supplemental meeting times cannot be recorded.
  4. If you need / want to use a space, it must be properly requested and confirmed first.  No squatters!
    In accordance with Board of Regents Policy R751, classrooms and teaching laboratories must be centrally scheduled by the University. President’s Council has designated Academic Scheduling as the office responsible for scheduling and authorizing the use of all academic spaces.