Master Room List
Academic Classrooms & Labs


Type       Description         Use       Description         Use       Description
A   Assembly   110   Classroom   410   Study Room
ASO   Academic Scheduling   115   Service / Study Room   520   Athletic / Physical Ed
Class   Classroom   210   Class Lab   525   PE Service
CR   Conference Room   215   Class Lab Service   540   Clinic
ES   Event Services   220   Open Lab*   550   Demonstration Lab
Lab   Specialty Lab   220   Seminar Room   610   Assembly
S   Seminar Room   230   Auto / Trade Lab*   670   Recreation
W06   Public Corridor   350   Conference Room   680   Meeting Room
                    *Discipline specific space


Did You Know...?

  • The capacity ("Max") of each academic space reflects the maximum student seating allowed (per Fire Marshal review) under normal circumstances (no social distancing).
  • To calculate the reduced max capacity for social distancing, simply multiply the room's current max capacity by 40% (e.g., 50 x 40% = 20).
  • The majority of general classrooms include new technology and recording capabilities. Rooms with standard media may not include Kaltura recording capabilities.
Building Room Max Type Use Notes Authority Phase 1--Preschedule Authority Setup

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