UVU Architecture spring 2020 lecture series

Free and open to everyone interested. Come learn about architecture from local and national industry professionals!

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A Plan for the Future

Design students at UVU helping Vineyard become better living space.

Read more about how UVU students worked with the city of vineyard

Degrees and Programs

Architectural Education at UVU is pursued through obtaining 2 degrees. 

  • The A.S. Engineering Design Technology (Architectural Drafting and Design Track)
  • Bachelor of Architecture (B-Arch)

Students start with the A.S. degree to build a solid foundation in architectural drafting and design.  Once completed, the A.S. degree allows a student to pursue entry level employment in the architectural industry.  Students should anticipate a minimum of 2 years of study to obtain this degree.  Upon completion of the A.S. degree, students are eligible to matriculate into the Bachelor of Architecture (B-Arch) degree program.  Students  interested in practicing architecture as a professional career, should enroll in the B-Arch degree program.  Students should anticipate a minimum of 3 years of study beyond the A.S. degree to obtain the B-Arch.  In total, students should expect a minimum of 5 years of education to obtain both the A.S. and B-Arch degrees.

Associate Degree of Engineering Design Technology
(Architectural Drafting and Design Track: Years 1-2)
Art Cathedral
Bachelor of Architecture (B-Arch) Degree
(Upper Division Coursework Years 3-5)
Seeking NAAB Eligibility Spring 2020

Models and drawings displayed are student work from the Architecture Program at UVU

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