Access and Training to Ask Wilson content

Request Departmental Access

One SME from each department will be granted access to their categories which should include all content for your area associated with the Chatbot.

You can request access to this by emailing or sending a team’s message to Landrey ([email protected]) for access. Please include the following information:

  • UVID
  • Departments that you manage content for

Once your account is created Web and Mobile solutions will meet with you and train you on how to update and manage your content on Wilson.


Step 1: Review and Override Content

(StudentAdvisor) Global versus Institutional Content –
  • Global Content

    • You can look at the global content questions and responses, but you will not be able to change them. If there is any content that needs to be removed from the question/answer pairs please contact Landrey ([email protected]) for recommendations on how to remove the content.

  • Institutional Content (Time Stamp 2:43)

    • Custom Content lives here. This is where the content resides that you and your team will maintain

      • Click on the Manage Content tile
      • Select your Category (Which would be the department that you are working for)
      • This area is where you can edit and add custom content.

Please review Content Guidelines and Best Practices to make sure we are providing the best possible answers to students needs. Click here to view those practices. You can also view the Voice and Tone documentation to help shape the questions in the best possible way. Click here for Voice and Tone.

Step 2: Review and Override Content

StudentAdvisor Adding a new response

StudentAdvisor Adding alternate phrasing

Edit or Add Alternate Phrasing for a Response

Alternate phrasing is used to teach the StudentAdvisors multiple ways a student can ask the same question.

Step 3: Review and Override Content

VirtualAdvisor allows for new content and training updates to be tested prior to being published. Only published content is seen by students.

StudentAdvisor Test content

StudentAdvisor Publish content

(StudentAdvisor) Dashboard

To find out more information about the Dashboard click here. Some of these features have been turned off because we utilize a different system for Live Chat. Currently we are looking into ways to make this work.

If you are having any issues with the Chatbot please contact Landrey ([email protected]) for questions or help on any of these steps.

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