Ask Wilson aims to empower students by providing quick and accurate answers to their questions related to student, faculty, and staff information. Our goal is to make this service available to all potential students and parents without requiring any login, while also offering authenticated content.

To achieve this, we plan to utilize various platforms or channels, including a website, UVU Student app, and voice assistant.

The primary purpose of Ask Wilson is to provide students with answers to their questions quickly and accurately, such as scheduling appointments, finding directions, dining options, submitting applications, and more.

To ensure a smooth conversation flow between the chatbot and users, we will design the different paths the chatbot can take during a conversation, prepare responses for common queries, and determine how the chatbot should handle unexpected user inputs.

After deployment, we will monitor the chatbot's performance and gather user feedback and usage data to improve its functionality continually. Additionally, we plan to share information with departments before each semester, highlighting areas where they can improve their services to help students get answers to their questions.

Ask Wilson 1.1 Backlog:


  • Integration with the UVU Student App on iOS and Android.
  • Integration with the UVU Student and Employee Intranet.


  • Provide building locations.
  • Help students find their advisors.


  • Utilize more AI in the conversational design to guide users through the steps to get their questions answered

Departments Participating:

  • All UVU departments will be trained and involved in using Ask Wilson by the end of 2023.

We will continue to add more ideas and improvements to this roadmap as we develop Ask Wilson further.

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