This Conference is Beneficial For:

  • Individuals with autism
  • Families and the Community
  • Educators
  • Professionals
The Melisa Nellesen Center for Autism is proud to share details for the annual UVU Autism Conference for 2024. Thank you for joining us, as we learn best practice approaches to build a community of belonging, together.
We are excited to announce that Chrissy and James Williams will be our keynote speakers.
We now provide a pre-conference day of breakout sessions annually, with a special area of focus each year. We are bringing in top researchers and professionals from around the country with unique expertise in our highlighted topic. This year the pre-conference is focused on Autism and Employment.
We will also be including new partnering agencies to share community resources and access to critical information on this important subject.

Annual Conference Keynote Speakers - Chrissy and James Williams
Living and Loving with ASD
February 23, 2024

Peter Gerhardt

Dr. James Williams is the Chief Executive Officer of Bloom Consulting in Round Rock, TX which specializes in providing vocational services, evaluations, and training to individuals with disabilities, particularly those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). He is also proud to be a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, an Advanced Certified Autism Specialist, and a Certified Special Education Teacher. He obtained his Bachelor’s in Special Education from Sam Houston State University, his Master’s in Rehabilitation Counseling from Texas Tech University Health Science Center, and his Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership from Lamar University. He has had the wonderful opportunity to work in both public and private special education with students of all ages in both teaching and administrative roles. His passion for the last 15 years has been, and always will be, providing transitional and vocational services to individuals with ASD and other disabilities. He strives to use his professional and personal experience with ASD as a catalyst to inspire and educate others to believe in the incredible possibilities for adults and children with disabilities when they receive the appropriate support and accommodations.