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I Lost Something

Report a Lost Item

All Lost and Found items find their way to the main campus Lost & Found at Campus Connection (SC106f), located in the Sorensen Student Center by the Grande Ballroom and across from the UVU Post Office. Reporting a lost item will search our Lost and Found system to see if anything matching the description of your lost item has been turned in. Please be as specific as you can in describing what was lost by including specific color, any stickers and what those look like, any marks or damages, or any other distinctive features to better help the system match your item.

If an item matching your description is found in our system you will receive an email to your UVU email. At that point, feel free to call us at 801-863-8797 or come to the desk at SC106f (the desk in the hallway).

I Found an Item

When an item is found, you can turn it into the Main Campus Lost and Found located at Campus Connection in the Sorensen Student Center, SC106f (where you get your ID Card), or to one of our satellite locations for pick-up.

Office Hours

Monday - Thursday



8 am - 8 pm

8 am - 5 pm

9 am - 2 pm

On Campus

On Campus

PE Issue Room
Location: PE 149
Phone: (801) 863-8628

Fulton Library Circulation Desk
Location: FL 104 (Library Circulation)
Phone: (801) 863-8886

UVU Student Life and Wellness Center
Location: SL 202
Phone: (801) 863-5552

UVU Engineering & Technology Support
Location: CS 716
Phone: (801) 863-8508

UVU Gunther Technology Drop Box
Location: 3rd Floor across from the Police Station, and next to the stairs

UCCU Center Main Office
Location: EC 012

McKay Education Building
Location: ME 116 (main reception desk)
Phone: (801) 863-8228

Off Campus

aviation area

UVU Aviation Dispatch
Location: Dispatch
(801) 863-7777

UVU Fire Science Academy
Location: FS 205 (front desk of FS205 office spaces)
Phone: (801) 863-7798

UVU Emergency Services
Location: FS Library (main desk)
Phone: (801) 863-7700

West Campus

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Health Profession Building
Location: HP 203 (main reception desk)
Phone: (801) 863-8199


Step 1 - Lost and Found

Utah Valley University provides a lost and found service for property lost or found on campus. The lost and found service is located in the Sorensen Center at Campus Connection. If faculty, staff, students, or guests find lost property, they should return the property to Campus Connection or one of the satellite locations.

Step 2 - Returning Lost Property

Whenever valuable property is returned, with an approximate value of $50 or more or any government documentation, a description of the item(s) of property will be listed in a log, tagged with date, numbered, and held in a secure place. If possible or time permits, the log will contain the finder's name, phone number, date, description or the lost item, and the location of the property found. The tag attached to the property will also contain the log entry number and the date found.

Step 3 - Statement of Finder

A person finding unclaimed property should deliver it to the Campus Connection. For all valuable property, the receiving Campus Connection employee will log a description of the property, the date, the name of the Campus Connection employee receiving the property, and try to log the name of the finder. Other information may be requested by the University and University Police as necessary.

Step 4 - Locating Owner

If possible or time permits, the personnel located in the Campus Connection will try to take reasonable steps to determine the identity and location of the owner, and try to notify him/her that the property is in custody. The owner may obtain the property only by making identification of her/himself and of the property. If the lost property is a student ID, reasonable steps will be taken to locate the owner and if it is still unclaimed in 30 days after Campus Connection employees have tried to locate the owner, the student ID will be destroyed.

Step 5 - Disposition - Unclaimed Property

  1. If the owner of any valuable ($50+) unclaimed property cannot be determined or notified, University Police will be notified to determine whether the property is stolen. If it has been reported as stolen, the owner will be notified. If the owner cannot be determined and notified, or if he/she is determined and notified and fails to appear and claim the property after three months (90 days) of its receipt by the Campus Connection, the Campus Connection shall:
    • Publish at least one notice of the intent to dispose of the unclaimed property in a newspaper of general circulation within the school; and
    • Post a similar notice in a public place designated for notice at UVU.
  2. Campus Connection may not dispose of the unclaimed property until at least eight days after the date of publication and posting.
  3. If no claim is made for the unclaimed property within nine days of publication and posting, the person who returned the property may take the unclaimed property if he/she:
    • Pays the cost incurred for advertising and storage; and
    • Signs a receipt for the item with current phone number and item description.
  4. If the custodial property is not claimed at the expiration of three months from the receipt of item, or if no claim of ownership has been made after 90 days following the date of receipt, the Campus Connection may either:
    • Appropriate the property for public interest use; or,
    • Sell the property at Campus Connection Lost & Found Sale and appropriate the proceeds of the sale for the institution's use.
  5. Any person employed by Campus Connection who finds tangible property may not claim the property. Nevertheless, Campus Connection may offer for sale any unclaimed property after the above provisions have been met.

Step 6 - Receipt from owner of returned property

Whenever valuable property is returned to the owner, the log will be maintained listing the name, concurrent phone number, date of pick up in the detailed entry of the property returned. Owner must provide identification and some kind of proof the item is theirs. The log shall be retained as a permanent record in the files of the Campus Connection.

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I am a UVU employee and someone turned in a lost item

If someone has turned in a lost item to an employee or department, it's best to keep a log of the following information, then contact Campus Connection at 801-863-8797 for pick-up or bring it down to Campus Connection during our regular business hours:

  • A description of the item
  • The date the item was turned in
  • The time the item was turned in
  • If possible, the finder name, phone number, and/or UV number
  • The employee who accepted the item
  • The name, date, and signature of Campus Connection employee at time of pick-up of Lost and Found Items (must confirm identity)
  • It's suggested that the department send a copy of the log with the lost and found pick-up/drop-off and file the original for possible future verification.

If you are a UVU employee and would like to set up a lost and found location please contact Dawn Burgess ([email protected]).

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