What is considered non-commercial signage?

Any UVU administrative department and/or academic schools/colleges, centers, or institutes are considered a university organization and are therefore considered non-commercial. UVUSA and chartered student clubs are also considered non-commercial.


Non-Commercial Signage Polices


What is considered commercial signage?

Any temporary signage that is posted or distributed by non UVU organizations. Commercial includes but is not limited to any business, non-profit, or not for profit owned by UVU students, faculty, staff, and alumni.


Commercial Signage Policies

All About Signage

What is considered temporary signage?

Temporary Signage is all non-commercial and commercial signage that is posted on the UVU campus--both indoor and outdoor-- that is used to promote or inform the campus community about events and/or organizations. Due to the nature of this signage, all temporary signage is meant to be displayed for less than a year. This includes; indoor posters, banners, flyers, petitions, table tents, table signage, outdoor banners, lawn signs, A-frames, and all same day event signage.

Why is this distinction important?

There are restrictions and fees that differ depending on whether your organization is considered a UVU organization. If you do not want to be charged for something that you should not be, make sure you are closely following the signage procedures.