Accessing Form 1098-T

As part of our ongoing sustainability and cost reduction measures, Utah Valley University provides IRS Form 1098-T electronically to eligible students. The option to grant or deny consent for electronic delivery is included in the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement  (SFRA) that students must complete prior to registration each semester.

ELECTRONIC DELIVERY: Students who grant consent for electronic delivery will log into Tuition Payment PLUS to view and print their form. Students will receive a notification in their myUVU email account in January, when the form becomes available. In order to view the electronic 1098-T, students will need to have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed on their computer.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

View My Form 1098-T


Students who did not grant consent while completing the SFRA can grant it here. IRS regulations state that each student who files a request to receive a 1098-T electronically must also provide his/her consent electronically. To grant your consent, please click the button below. A consent form will open in a new window. Please print out the form, fill it out, then scan or take a picture of it and email it to [email protected].

OPT-in to electronic delivery

SCOPE OF DURATION: Once granted, electronic consent will remain in effect for each year the student attends Utah Valley University unless the student chooses to opt-out or withdraw consent. Electronic copies of the 1098-T will be accessible through Tuition Payment PLUS for no less than four years.

PAPER FORMS: For students who did not grant consent, a paper copy of the 1098-T will be mailed to the student's permanent home address by the end of January.

Contact Information

It is the responsibility of the student to keep his or her contact information up to date with UVU, even after graduation, to ensure delivery of their tax form. Students can go to our Refunds Page and scroll down to Keep Address Updated for instructions on address updates.

Notice of Termination

If UVU ceases furnishing 1098-T statements electronically for any reason, UVU will inform the student in advance of the termination.

General Information

The Tax Payer Relief Act of 1997 includes provisions for the American Opportunity Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit. Both credits allow certain taxpayers who have incurred qualified expenses for higher education to take a credit against their federal income tax liability. Educational institutions are required by law to provide information to students who may qualify for the education credits. Schools, colleges, and universities report this information to the IRS and to students on Form 1098-T.

As each student’s tax liability is subject to various personal factors, students and parents are encouraged to seek additional information directly from the IRS or their personal tax adviser. Utah Valley University cannot provide tax related advice or recommendations.

Authorized User Access

Tuition Payment PLUS allows students to give others the ability to access their account information, make payments on their behalf, and access their 1098-T tax document. This choice is optional but may be particularly helpful for students who plan to be away for a humanitarian or religious mission, military service, or any event where they may be absent during tax season.

To grant access to a parent or guardian, log into Tuition Payment PLUS and click on Authorized Users under My Account. Parents or guardians will receive an email with their own login credentials. The student can rescind this access at any time.

Helpful Links

Withdrawing Consent

 Students may withdraw their electronic consent by submitting the Withdrawal of Consent form as directed below. UVU will notify the student when the request has been confirmed through his or her myUVU email. Withdrawal of Consent forms must be received by the Bursar’s Office no later than December 31st or, if that date falls on a weekend, by the last business day of the applicable tax year. Withdrawal of consent is not retroactive but will take effect on the date the signed request is received by the Bursar's Office.

We encourage all students to grant electronic consent. The benefits of electronic delivery include:

  • Earlier availability than the paper document
  • The elimination of lost, delayed, or misdirected forms
  • The ability to view and print tax forms (by students or authorized users) from any computer at any time of day

To withdraw your consent of electronic delivery and receive your 1098-T in paper form through the mail, please download the Withdrawal of Consent form and submit it to the Bursar's Office in BA-108 or email it to [email protected].

Withdrawal of Consent form

Social Security Numbers

The IRS requires Utah Valley University to include the student's Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) when reporting Form 1098-T data. If a student's SSN is missing or is incorrect in our records, he/she will receive a hold on their student account and will need to update their information with registration. Students may also submit form W-9S to our office.

Form W-9S

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I get a 1098-T?

The 1098-T is a tax form the University issues to report education-related expenses that could be claimed as part of the Hope Scholarship or Lifetime learning Tax Credit. The form is informational only. You are encouraged to seek additional information directly from the IRS or your tax adviser to find out if you are eligible for these credits.

Why is Box 2 blank?

We are required by law to use either box 1 or 2. We report payments received from all sources for qualified tuition in Box 1.

My tax adviser says I need to know how much I paid and when. How can I access this information?

You can access your account information by logging into Tuition Payment Plus and clicking on the View Account Activity button. More information about accessing your account can be found on the Cashier FAQ page. In the event of an audit, you may contact the Cashier’s Office for needed receipts.

Do I need to attach the form to my tax return?

No, you need to attach IRS form 8863. IRS publication 970 will provide you with more information, or contact your tax adviser.

Why didn't I receive a 1098-T?

Students who don't receive a 1098-T usually fall into one of these categories:

  • The address we have for you is not the correct address. You can see what address we have on file through your myUVU. For information on updating your address, go to the Refund Checks and Affidavits page and scroll down to Keep Address Updated.
  • Grants and scholarships paid your tuition and fees in full.
  • You may have attended only Spring semester during the calendar year and registered for those classes during Fall of the previous calendar year. (See the following question for more information).
  • If you had a Social Security Hold on your student account, a 1098-T was not generated for you.

I think the amounts listed are incorrect. What should I do?

Before you assume the information reported on your form is incorrect, it will help to understand how the amounts are calculated. The 1098-T reflects payments, scholarships and/or grants that applied during the tax/calendar year, not the Academic year. Financial Aid for Spring semester is often disbursed at the very end of the previous December; therefore, those funds are reported on the previous year’s 1098-T, not the 1098-T for the year in which the classes were actually attended and completed. Please contact the Bursars Office with any further questions. 

What information goes into each box?

  • Box 1: This box reports payments received from all sources for qualified tuition and fees during 2018. As a part of the reporting change, amounts in this box are limited to the actual charges that posted to the student account during 2018. Students who registered for Spring Semester 2018 during 2017 but paid for those charges during 2018 may find the previously mentioned limit complicated. Since those charges posted to the student account during 2017, the limit applied to box 1 may be lower than what a student actually paid during 2018.
  • Box 2: Eligible tuition and fees that were posted to your account during the tax/calendar year are reported in this box. UVU does not fill out this box.
  • Box 4: Due to the reporting transition, this box will not be populated for 2018. If populated for 2018, it would mean that a student dropped Spring Semester 2018 classes in 2018 that he or she registered for during 2017. The related charges would have been reported in Box 2 for 2017.
  • Box 5: This box reports Scholarships and Grants that funded during 2018 regardless of what semester they were for. It will include Spring Semester 2018 grants and scholarships received during 2018 even if the charges for that semester posted to the student account in 2017. It will likewise include Spring Semester 2019 grants and scholarships received during 2018.
  • Box 6: If there is an amount in this box, it means that scholarships and/or grants that funded in 2017 were subsequently reversed in 2018.
  • Box 8: Half time enrollment refers to semesters during 2018. If you registered for Spring Semester 2018 classes prior to year-end and did not attend at least half time in 2018, this box will not be checked.
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