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Connecting Career Plans to Programs of Study

The selection of a major or career entails an involved process of research, weighing factors such as salary potential, course requirements, current and future job demand, personal interests, and several other factors. However, when a decision is made, there are typically two avenues that you might follow to reach this decision.

First, there are those that have identified a career plan and simply need to determine the best course of study to pursue this career.   For example, if you have chosen to become a High School Math teacher, it would be wise to choose Math Education as your major.

Second, there are those that have identified a major that they enjoy learning about, but need to know what career options are associated with their chosen course of study. Sometimes these career paths are not as obvious, especially in majors such as Philosophy, History, or Humanities.  But with the right research and tools, it is possible to identify career options that are available with these types of majors.

The following links are a helpful resource that will allow you to browse common career titles that are related to specific majors at UVU. Click on the degree and then follow the links to learn more about programs of study that could help you make that career a reality.

Remember that while this is a tool available for your use, it is still highly recommended that you speak with your academic advisor and/or a counselor in the Academic Counseling Center or Career Development Center at UVU.   These advisors and counselors can help you more specifically understand how to prepare for your chosen major or career path.


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