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Course Descriptions


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Prefix Academic Subject
ACC Accounting
AERO Aerospace Studies
AET Automation and Electrical Tech
AIST American Indian Studies
AMST American Studies
ANTH Anthropology
APPR Apprentice
ARC Architecture
ARTH Art History
ASL American Sign Language
ASTR Astronomy
AUT Auto Mechanics
AUTS Autism Studies
AVSC Aviation Science
BESC Behavioral Science
BIOL Biology
BIT Building Inspection Technology
BMED Business/Marketing Education
BOT Botany
BTEC Biotechnology
CA Culinary Arts
CAW Cabinetry and Archit Woodwork
CGCL Constitutional Government Civics and Law
CHEM Chemistry
CHIN Chinese
CHST Chinese Studies
CINE Cinema Studies
CIVE Civil Engineering
CJ Criminal Justice
CLST Classical Studies
CMGT Construction Management
CMHC Clin Mental Health Counseling
CNST Constitutional Studies
COMM Communication
COMP Computing
CRT Collision Repair Technology
CS Computer Science
DAGV Digital Media AGVE
DANC Dance
DCPR Digital Media Cinema Prod
DENT Dental Hygiene
DGM Digital Media
DMT Diesel Mechanics
DWDD Digital Media Web Design Dev
ECE Electrical Comp Engineering
ECFS Edu Child and Family Studies
ECON Economics
EDAB Applied Behavior Analysis
EDCO School Counseling
EDEC Edu Early Childhood Education
EDEL Edu Elementary Education
EDHE Higher Education Leadership
EDLE K-12 Education Leadership
EDSC Edu Secondary Education
EDSP Edu Special Education
EDUC Education Curr and Instruction
EGDT Eng Graphics/Design Tech
ENGH Literacies and Composition
ENGL English
ENGR Engineering
ENST Environmental Studies
ENTR Entrepreneurship
ENVT Environmental Management
ESAF Emerg Serv Aircraft Resc FF
ESEC Emergency Services Emerg Care
ES Emergency Services
ESFF Emergency Services FireFighter
ESFO Emergency Services FireOfficer
ESL English as a Second Lang
ESMG Emergency Services Emerg Mgmt
ESWF Emergency Services Wildlnd FF
ETHS Ethics Studies
EXSC Exercise Science
Prefix Academic Subject
FAC Facilities Management
FAMS Family Science
FAMT Fine Arts Music and Theatre
FIN Finance
FREN French
FSCI Forensic Science
GEOG Geography
GEO Geology
GER German
GIS Geographic Information Systems
GRK Greek
HIST History
HLTH Community Health
HM Hospitality Management
HONR Honors
HR Human Resource Management
HUM Humanities
HWC Health and Wellness Coaching
ICCS Int College and Community Stds
IDST Interdisciplinary Studies Prog
IM Information Management
INFO Info Systems and Technology
INTS Intelligence Studies
IS Integrated Studies
IT Information Technology
JPNS Japanese
LANG Languages
LATN Latin
LEGL Legal Studies
MATH Mathematics
MAT Mathematics Developmental
MECH Mechatronics Engineering Tech
ME Mechanical Engineering
METO Meteorology
MFT Marriage and Family Therapy
MGMT Business Management
MICR Microbiology
MILS Military Science
MKTG Marketing
MUSC Music
NSS National Security Studies
NURS Nursing
NUTR Nutrition
PADM Public Administration
PAS Physician Assistant Studies
PES Physical Education Sports
PETE Physical Education Teacher Ed
PHIL Philosophy
PHSC Physical Science
PHYS Physics
PJST Peace and Justice Studies
POLS Political Science
PORT Portuguese
PRLG Paralegal Studies
PST Automotive Power Sports
PSY Psychology
REC Recreation
RESP Respiratory Therapy
RLST Religious Studies
RUS Russian
SCIE Science Education
SLSS Student Leadership and Success
SOC Sociology
SOSC Social Science
SPAN Spanish
STAT Statistics
SUDC Substance Use Disorder Counsel
SURV Land Surveying
SW Social Work
TECH Technology Management
THEA Theatre
TT Transportation Technologies
UVST University Studies
ZOOL Zoology